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E-tickets will be trialled at 7 stations in the Zunyi Depot

2019-12-11 10:39:28 来源: 遵义日报 作者: 王宗辉 Time: 2019-12-11 10:39:28 Source: Lawrence Daily Author: Wang Zonghui
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You don't need to take a paper ticket in advance, you can just swipe your ID card to enter the station to check the ticket. Nowadays, with the continuous promotion and implementation of railway electronic tickets, everyone's travel becomes more and more convenient. 12 10 日起 ,在渝贵铁路线试点实施电子客票业务,其中包括遵义车务段管内桐梓北、桐梓东、娄山关南、遵义、遵义南、息烽、修文 7 个车站。 On December 10, Zunyi Evening News reporters learned from the Zunyi Depot that according to the unified arrangements of the China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd., from December 10 , the pilot implementation of the electronic ticket business on the Chongqing-Guizhou Railway will be implemented, including Zunyi Car Services. There are 7 stations in the section: Tongzi North, Tongzi East, Loushan Guannan, Zunyi, Zunyi South, Xifeng and Xiuwen .

According to the relevant person in charge of Zunyi Railway Depot, the railway electronic ticket refers to the voucher of the railway passenger transportation contract in the form of electronic data. After the passenger purchases the ticket, the railway transportation company no longer issues paper tickets. Simply put, passengers who purchase electronic tickets at train stations such as Zunyi, Tongzidong, Xifeng and take EMU trains can directly enter the station with their ticket purchase documents (such as ID cards, etc.), board the card, and check in the car. 2. Pass out of the station without paying for a paper ticket before boarding. As a development trend in the future ticketing field, e-tickets separate the three functions of passenger transport contracts, boarding, and reimbursement carried by original paper tickets, realizing the electronicization of transport contract documents, paperless boarding documents, and reimbursement vouchers on demand , To further improve the travel experience of the majority of passengers.

The reporter learned that after passengers purchase electronic tickets, railways no longer issue paper tickets. Passengers can print or download the ticket information form by themselves, or print the ticket information form at the station ticket window or automatic ticket machine. The ticket information list is only used as a reminder for passengers to purchase tickets, and cannot be used as a voucher. Passengers who purchase electronic railway tickets at the station's manual ticket window must check the information on the ticket purchase information on the spot. If you need to receive information about ticket purchases and changes in train operations, you should also provide the mobile phone number of the ticket purchaser or passenger.

When entering the station, the passenger can automatically identify the ID card, etc. With the original valid ID of the passenger used when purchasing the ticket, the real-name system verification and check-in and check-out procedures are completed through the self-service gate. When boarding, passengers must take the seat number and seat number shown on the ticket purchase information. It should be reminded that passengers who purchase discounted tickets need to carry relevant preferential documents (such as student ID, disabled military ID) with them for inspection.

For some passengers who do not use the Internet to purchase tickets, after the implementation of electronic tickets, the railway department will continue to maintain traditional ticket sales channels to meet the travel needs of these passengers. K 字头、 T 字头等普速旅客列车均不实施电子客票。 It should be specially reminded that K -head and T -head passenger trains passing through stations such as Zunyi do not implement electronic tickets. 028-12306 咨询。 For details, please refer to the station announcement and broadcast notice. If you have any questions, please call 028-12306 for consultation.

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