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Municipal Market Supervision Bureau: Strengthening Drug Supervision and Sampling to Guarantee People's Drug Safety

2019-12-30 08:44:28 来源: 遵义日报 作者: 徐静 Time: 2019-12-30 08:44:28 Source: Lawrence Daily Author: Xu Jing
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The reporter learned from the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau that in order to further strengthen drug quality management, improve the overall level of drug quality, and ensure the safety of people's medication, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau takes drug sampling inspection as an important means and basis for discovering hidden dangers in pharmaceutical risks and continuously improves its work. Mechanism, and strive to improve the effectiveness of drug supervision and sampling.

Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has formulated a total of 600 batches of drug supervision and random inspections and 200 batches of special Chinese medicine decoctions in accordance with the principles of targeted, full coverage and balanced sampling. Focus on strengthening the sampling of primary medical institutions, health service units, and drug retail enterprises, especially retail drug stores in remote areas, to effectively monitor the quality of drug operation and use.

During the random inspection process, law enforcement personnel strictly carried out on-site law enforcement supervision and inspection in accordance with the relevant requirements of the “Administrative Regulations for the Inspection of Random Inspections of Drug Quality”, strengthened the comprehensive analysis of the random inspection data and the risk research and judgment, improved the specificity of the random inspection and the application of the results. Issues, combined with daily inspections, promptly deal with illegal and illegal behaviors and unqualified products found in accordance with the law.

At present, the Bureau has completed 800 batches of drug supervision sampling and 600 batches of inspection. It has completed 200 batches of sampling of Chinese herbal medicines. A total of 9 batches of drugs were found to be inconsistent with the regulations. All unqualified drugs were handed over or transferred to the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau for investigation. . Of the 9 unqualified drugs transferred, 2 were transferred to public security organs for suspected counterfeit drugs, and 1 was filed.

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