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Two-level courts in our city started "Qianshan Thunderstorm"

2019-12-30 08:53:56 来源: 遵义市政府门户网站 作者: 杨义霞 Time: 2019-12-30 08:53:56 Source: Author Zunyi municipal government portal: Yangyi Xia
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In order to demonstrate the people ’s court ’s ability to attack and enforce, on December 26, the two-level courts carried out the special “Winter Sunshine” special execution action of the “Qianshan Thunderstorm” in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Guizhou Provincial High People ’s Court, and vigorously promoted the implementation. Tackling tough battles and continuously improving the effectiveness of implementation, the day of the operation achieved significant results.

On the same day, at the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Bozhou District, the Executive Judge of Zunyi Intermediate People's Court and the relevant person in charge of the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau cashed over 4 million yuan in arrears of wages to migrant workers. Disputes were effectively resolved.

It is reported that on the day of the operation, the two courts in Zunyi mobilized 399 police officers, frozen 8.589 million yuan, deducted 6.255 million yuan, seized land and real estate of 19.050.4 square meters, seized 18 vehicles, seized 5 other properties, and vacated real estate and There were 4 locations on the land, 7 locations were searched, 17 people were detained, 55.298 million yuan were in place, and 199 cases were concluded.

According to reports, the courts at the two levels in our city will continue to take the "Qianshan Thunderstorm" action as an opportunity to maintain the enforcement trend, use enforcement measures in accordance with the law to severely crack down and punish all kinds of behaviors that refuse to implement the effective judgment, and practice the concept of justice for the people The lawful rights and interests of the successful litigants will be safeguarded through sunny execution, standard execution, and clean execution.

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