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Municipal Development and Reform Commission organizes a natural gas hearing to reduce residential gas prices in central urban areas

2019-12-30 10:19:58 来源: 市发展改革委 作者: Time: 2019-12-30 10:19:58 Source: Municipal Development and Reform Commission of:
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提高政府制定价格的民主性、科学性和透明性, 2019 12 24 日上午,市发展改革委组织召开了降低遵义市中心城区及与其共用同一配气管网区域管道天然气居民生活用气配气和销售价格定价听证会,广泛征求天然气消费者、经营者等有关方面意见建议。 In order to improve the democratic, scientific, and transparent prices set by the government , on the morning of December 24 , 2019 , the Municipal Development and Reform Commission organized a meeting to reduce the domestic gas distribution of pipeline natural gas residents in the downtown area of Zunyi and share the same distribution network Hearings on the pricing of gas and sales prices were widely sought for opinions and suggestions from natural gas consumers and operators. 11 人,其中消费者代表 9 人、经营企业代表 2 人;旁听人 15 人,其中专家代表 1 人,政府部门代表 9 人及新闻媒体;听证人 3 人。 There were 11 participants in the hearing , including 9 representatives of consumers and 2 representatives of business enterprises ; 15 observers , including 1 representative of experts , 9 representatives of government departments and the news media; and 3 hearings .

4 人以上(不含 4 人)家庭调增气量基数;对上下游价格联动机制等进行讨论并逐一发表意见,提出建议。 Participants of the hearing proposed two plans to reduce the gas supply and sales price of natural gas residents; increase the step gas volume; increase the free gas volume for urban and rural low-income households and rural five-guarantee households; for more than 4 people (excluding (4 persons) households increase the gas base; discuss the upstream and downstream price linkage mechanism and express their opinions one by one and make suggestions.

“准确核定成本、科学确定利润、严格进行监管”的思路,全面梳理、逐条研究、合理采纳,根据已建立的定价规则,对定价方案做进一步完善,并将最终形成的方案公布执行。 The Municipal Development and Reform Commission will follow the idea of "accurately verify costs, scientifically determine profits, and strictly supervise." The plan was announced and implemented.

The hearing will further enhance the scientific and standardized pricing of the government, better promote the development of related industries, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of operators and consumers.

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