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The Civil Affairs Bureau party group held a briefing on the topic of democratic life

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27 日,市民政局党组召开 不忘初心、牢记使命 主题教育专题民主生活会情况通报会。 On December 27 , the Party Group of the Civil Affairs Bureau convened a briefing on the topic of "Do n't forget your original heart and remember your mission " . The meeting was chaired by Li Birong, deputy county-level cadre of the bureau and deputy secretary of the party committee of the organ. Zheng Hong, member of the bureau's party group and deputy director, made a concluding speech.

At the meeting, Comrade Li Birong briefed the participants on the preparatory preparations, the convening of the conference, the leadership team's review and analysis of the thematic party's democratic life meeting, the members' mutual criticism and self-criticism, the rectification and implementation plan, and the next work direction .

Subsequently, the party group of the Comrade Zheng Hong's representative office emphasized how the municipal government's civil affairs system can further deepen the achievements of thematic education and grasp the rectification of the issues of the special democratic life meeting. First, we must continue to deepen thematic education and form an institutionalized and normalized working model.四个对照 四个找一找 检视方法常态化坚持下去,让 照镜子、正衣冠 洗洗澡、治治病 成为市直民政系统政治生活常态,每名党员干部都要做政治上的明白人、工作上的规矩人、生活上的正派人。 Not only must we carry out rectification and implementation in a spirit of nails, we must also keep the " Four Controls " and " Four Find Ones " inspection methods normalized and allow " looking in the mirror, dressing properly " , " washing and bathing, curing diseases" " Becoming the normal political life of the municipal government system, every party member and cadre must be a politically clear person, a regular person at work, and a decent person in life. The second is to continue to grasp the linkage between the top and bottom, and strongly promote the implementation of rectification and improvement of work efficiency. 关键少数 ,要带头遵章守纪,继承和发扬好的作风,带头保持创先争优的干事创业劲头,带动全体党员干部职工真抓实干、埋头苦干。 The heads of all directly-affiliated party branches and heads of all directly-affiliated units are also key minorities . They must take the lead in adhering to rules and regulations, inherit and carry forward good styles, take the lead in maintaining the pioneering strength of pioneering officers, and drive all party members, cadres, and employees to work hard, Work hard. 全局一盘棋 的大局观,以此次主题教育为契机,转变工作作风、提升工作效能,切实做好上下联动,积极配合、主动对标,抓好整改落实。 All party members, cadres, and employees must have a " big game of chess " overall view, taking this theme education as an opportunity to change work style, improve work efficiency, and effectively do up-and-down linkage, actively cooperate, take the initiative to benchmark, and do a good job of rectification and implementation. The third is to do a good job of summing up the theme education, and strive to establish an image and create a brand. 不忘初心、牢记使命 主题教育工作总结在即,这不是结束,而是新的开始。 The city's second batch of the theme education work of “Do n’t forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind ” is coming to an end. This is not the end, but a new beginning. During the three months of concentrated learning, what are the highlights and achievements that we need to take a look at, refine the experience and promote it, summarize the shortcomings and improve it, focus on the process and focus on the results, and strive to establish a good image and create Advanced brand. While continuing to deepen the theme education, it is necessary to closely follow the current work safety, two sections of condolences, target assessment and key tasks, further faithfully perform duties and perform actions, and strive to complete the target tasks as scheduled, smoothly meet the year-end assessment, and fully promote civil affairs Various tasks have reached a new level.

Comrade Li Birong requested that the majority of cadres and workers in the municipal administration of civil affairs should implement the spirit of this briefing, consolidate and use the results of the special democratic life meeting, grasp the rectification and implementation of issues, and promote the continuous improvement of the theme education. First, we must set an example by focusing on implementation; second, we must set an example by changing the style of work; third, we must set an example by implementing the system; and fourth, we must set an example by acting.民政为民、民政爱民 理念,聚焦脱贫攻坚,聚焦特殊群体,聚焦群众关切,坚持改革创新,认真履职尽责,推进遵义民政事业不断向纵深发展。 Firmly establish the concept of " civil administration for the people, civil administration loves the people " , focus on poverty alleviation, focus on special groups, focus on the concerns of the masses, persist in reform and innovation, earnestly perform their duties and perform their duties, and promote the continuous development of Zunyi's civil affairs.

50 余人参加,会后进行了第三次主题教育应知应会知识测试。 A total of more than 50 leaders from the bureau at home, members of the party committee of the bureau organ, heads of party branches directly under the party, representatives of party members of the immediate unit, retired veteran comrades, service object representatives, and all cadres and staff of the bureau attended the third theme. Education should be tested.

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