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Municipal Post Bureau Holds Work Meeting on Party Style and Clean Government before New Year's Day

2019-12-31 09:04:10 来源: 市邮政管理局 作者: Time: 2019-12-31 09:04:10 Source: Postal Administration of the City:
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On December 30, the Municipal Post Bureau held a work conference on party style and clean government before the New Year's Day and arranged for the party style and clean government work during the New Year's Day.

2020年元旦春节期间有关工作的通知》文件精神,学习了相关违法违纪警示教育案例,下发了《关于元旦春节期间廉洁过节的通知》,对元旦春节期间相关工作进行了安排部署。 The conference organized and learned the spirit of the National Post Bureau Party Group's "Notice on Maintaining a High-Pressure Situation to Ensure a Clean and Clean Air During the New Year's Day", and the Municipal Office of the Municipal Party Committee's "Notice on Doing a Good Job during the New Year's Day in 2020", and learned the relevant violations. Violation of disciplinary warning education cases, issued the "Notice on the integrity of the New Year's Day during the Spring Festival", and arranged the relevant work during the New Year's Day.

At the meeting, the disciplinary inspection team of the bureau's party group did a good job of party style and clean government during the New Year's Day Spring Festival, and conducted collective talks on clean government for cadres and employees in general. 加强公务车辆管理,严格执行公务车辆管理规定,严禁公车私用; 二要 规范财务报销程序,严格执行财务管理规定,严肃财经纪律; 三要 与监管服务对象保持 “亲、清”关系,严格遵守中央八项规定,始终保持廉洁自律。 First, we must strengthen the management of official vehicles, strictly enforce the regulations for the management of official vehicles, and strictly prohibit the private use of public vehicles; second, we must standardize the financial reimbursement procedures, strictly implement the financial management regulations, and strictly enforce the law of financial brokerage ; Strictly abide by the eight requirements of the Central Committee and always maintain integrity and self-discipline.

“两节”期间风清气正。 Huang Guolin, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Bureau, emphasized that cadres and employees in the overall situation must further enhance their ideological awareness and secure a clean line of ideological defense; further strengthen the awareness of discipline and prevent outstanding problems; strictly abide by the eight central regulations, and keep the discipline up-to-date to ensure "two sections" The wind was clear during the period.

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