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Xinpu New District's "Beach Village History" selected as China's Famous Village History Project

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On December 28, the 3rd National Famous Village Forum and the Third Batch of Chinese Famous Village Books Series Symposium was held in Chongqing. The conference awarded the third batch of Chinese famous village chronicles compilation units and issued certificates. Among them, Xinpu New District "Beach Village History" was selected as the Chinese famous village history project.

“沙滩文化”的发祥地,从明末至清末民国初,文化沾溉数百年,泽润黔北。 The beach village is the birthplace of "sand beach culture". From the late Ming Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, the culture was affected for hundreds of years, and it was in the north of Guizhou. The "Beach of the Beach Village", which was selected into the Chinese Famous Village Cultural Project, covers a wide range of areas, including "a well-known cultural area in the country, the birthplace of the beach culture", "summary of the village", "relic heritage", "protection and construction of famous villages", "beach "Culture", "Fangzhizhixiang", "Northern Qing Dynasty's Three Confucian Scholars", "Beach Education", "Rural Tourism", "Local Customs", "Village Life", "Arts and Cultural Miscellaneous", "Celebrities and Famous Villages", "Memorabilia", "Appendix" "References" and "compilation" 17 outlines, 80 heads, 165,000 words, 150 illustrations.

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