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Xishui Power Plant adopts various measures to arrange year-end and year-end and "two sections" safety production work

2019-12-31 09:49:28 来源: 习水县政府办 作者: Time: 2019-12-31 09:49:28 Source: Office of the Xishui government:
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Since the beginning of winter, the sudden rise in power consumption in various places is also a critical period for all industries to grab production tasks, and work safety is facing a great test. The Xishui Power Plant fully implements the spirit of work safety of Guizhou Province and Jinyuan Company to ensure safe production at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year and the “two sections”.

As the power point at the end of the Zunyi Power Grid, Xishui Power Plant undertakes local power supply tasks of "ren, xi, and red". The local power load is relatively heavy, reaching 350,000 kW during peak hours. The safe operation of the plant's generating units actively contributes to the stability of the power grid. Decisive effect. According to the requirements of the Guizhou Provincial Disaster Reduction Committee Office and the Guizhou Provincial Emergency Management Department jointly issued the "Work Tips" for low-temperature weather and the Jinyuan Company's "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Work Safety during the Year-end and New Year Period" Implementation and implementation in a timely manner from the aspects of organizational leadership and plan measures.

The first is to raise awareness, strengthen organizational leadership, pay close attention to the implementation of safety precautions, and effectively strengthen work safety during the end of the year and the beginning of the year and during the "two periods." The end of the year and the beginning of the year has always been a critical period of safety production. There are rushing periods, rushing schedules, sudden production and overload production. At the same time, it is affected by catastrophic weather such as low temperature, rain and snow, freezing and cold waves, and the factors that induce accidents increase. Xishui Power Plant further strengthened the awareness of red line and risk, in the spirit of being highly responsible for the safety of employees' lives and corporate property, strengthened organizational leadership, inspection and implementation, and eliminated paralysis. Implement responsibilities and measures to every post, every employee and every work link, comprehensively strengthen safety management and hidden danger investigation and management, and strictly prevent all kinds of accidents.

Second, all departments of the whole plant carefully organize and implement the safety production responsibility system for personnel at all levels, adhere to the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", and conscientiously implement the "triple, one special" system for important operations. The personnel of all departments put safety in the first place, ensuring the safety of production from the perspective of politics and stability, overcoming luck and paralysis, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of the unit. Do a good job of controlling the "non-stop" and "anti-three violations" work, and achieve "ideology in place, personnel in place, measures in place, implementation in place", and pass safety pressure to every job, every employee.

The third is to strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, and to rectify the existing problems and hidden dangers during the autumn and winter safety inspections, special inspections, leadership inspections, etc. over the years, strictly in accordance with the principles of "five implementations" of responsibilities, measures, funds, time limits and plans. Rectification plan, tracking the quality and progress of rectification at any time, completing rectification in a timely manner, and realizing closed-loop management. Strengthen equipment inspection and maintenance, fill in defects and coordinate processing. Actively coordinate mode adjustments, organize forces to solve equipment problems, ensure that the unit reduces unplanned output, and strictly control the occurrence of non-stop and network-related incidents.

The fourth is to increase the intensity of coal storage and transportation, strengthen the management of coal transportation and coal combustion, and adjust the coal ratio in a timely and reasonable manner. The fuel management department has grasped the procurement of coal combustion, and adopted effective measures to complete the purchase of electric coal with the quality and quantity. Grasp the situation of coal and coal quality, strengthen operation adjustment, and ensure the stable operation of the boiler.

Fifth, strictly implement the "two-vote and three-system", the operating watchkeepers strengthened meticulous operation, careful supervision, strict procedures, and accident prediction, ensuring the safe operation of the unit, and strengthening the desulfurization and denitration environmental protection system for inspection, maintenance and elimination. To ensure safe and stable operation of the unit during high loads, and no abnormal events of environmental protection emissions. Strictly implement the "two-section" power protection plan during the winter and the anti-accident measures of Xishui Power Plant in severe weather in winter, and carry out anti-accident emergency drills to improve the emergency treatment for the failure of the transmission channel due to severe freezing weather and the operation of isolated grids with local loads ability.

Six is to strengthen the discipline on duty during the "two quarters". During the end of the year and at the beginning of the year and the "two quarters", factory-level leaders will be on duty 24 hours a day, strictly implement the safety production information reporting system, and the "zero report" system of safety production accidents will be implemented during the "two quarters". Each department arranges to ensure that the on-duty technical staff and on-duty management staff adhere to their jobs, stand by at all times, and respond to emergencies at any time.

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