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On-site meeting of grassroots party building in the fourth quarter of 2019

2019-12-31 09:52:04 来源: 湄潭县政府办 作者: Time: 2019-12-31 09:52:04 Source: Office of Meitan county:
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On December 30, the grassroots party building work site meeting in the fourth quarter of 2019 in Meitan County was held. Wei Zaiping, vice chairman of the CPPCC and secretary of the county party committee, attended the meeting and made a speech, asking party organizations at all levels and the majority of party workers in the county to further understand the situation and inspire the spirit, with a stronger fighting spirit, a more scientific attitude, and a more solid work style We will make every effort to promote the county's grass-roots party building work to take a new step, make new steps, and create a new situation.

Wei Zaiping pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the county has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC and Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Efforts should be made to strengthen the construction of the organizational system and effectively enhance the political function and organizational power of the grass-roots party organizations. Themed education has characteristics, fruitful organizational construction, breakthroughs in the collective economy, and effective party poverty alleviation, but there are also problems such as insufficient integration of party building work and professional work, and insufficient focus on primary and secondary contradictions.

Wei Zaiping demanded that party organizations at all levels of the county should always take raising the awareness of party building work in the new situation as the basic premise, integrate thinking and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the party's central government, and earnestly perform "one position, two responsibilities," according to "who is in charge of "Who is responsible" principle, organically integrate business and party building, and implement grassroots party building responsibilities in the field of management. We must recognize the political situation of governing the party in accordance with regulations, consciously respect the system, implement the system, and maintain the system, and effectively improve the level of institutionalization, standardization, and scientificization of party construction. We must firmly grasp the general grasp of party building to promote poverty alleviation, organically combine grassroots party building work with central tasks such as stable growth, structural adjustment, reform, benefit the people's livelihood, and risk prevention, and work hard to strengthen grassroots party organizations in reform, development, and stability. Political functions in China, and constantly improve organizational capabilities. We must always take the key tasks of party building work at the grass-roots level as the key choice, and continue to focus on the theme of "do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind". We must continue to promote the standardization and standardization of grass-roots party organizations, adhere to the clear guidance of "all work to the branch," and continuously consolidate the foundation of grassroots party-building work; we must continue to promote party building to help the poor and help the villages to rejuvenate, and we must focus on implementing the "organize villages" action and "industrial villages" Actions, “Recruiting Villages with Talents”, “Cultivating Villages with Civilizations” and “Villages with Beautiful Environment”, effectively implement poverty alleviation, comprehensive well-off society and rural rejuvenation as a whole, plan together, and promote the implementation of the village; we must continue to develop and grow the village Level collective economy, make good use of the advantages of "national farmers' cooperatives to improve the quality of the whole county and promote pilot counties", and take the industrial revolution in dam areas of more than 500 acres as a breakthrough to promote the collective economy on the fast track of development.

Wei Zaiping emphasized that party organizations at all levels in the county should always take the implementation of party building work responsibility production as a fundamental guarantee, strengthen the sense of political responsibility and realistic urgency to grasp the party building work at the grass-roots level, and work hard to promote the implementation of the grass-roots party building responsibility system. The quality and level of grassroots party building work. It is necessary to take a strong responsibility for compaction, achieve effective results in precise measures, promote propaganda in summary and refinement, and do hard work in changing the style of work, and strive to make new and greater contributions to the new chapter of the tea-sea Meitan that is rich in ecological beauty for the people.

The meeting was chaired by Mu Quanbin, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department of the County Party Committee; Xihe Town, Fuxing Town, and Xinglong Town made exchange speeches, and Mashan Town and Shilian Town made working speeches.

The main person in charge of the party committee (party group) of the county-level department, the town party (street) party committee (party work committee) secretary, organization member, and some village (resident) party organization secretary attended the meeting.

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