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The 2019 winter action to combat wage arrears and the "one gold, three systems" work scheduling meeting in Buzhou

2019-12-31 10:02:30 来源: 播州区政府办 作者: Time: 2019-12-31 10:02:30 Source: Office of the District Government Banshu:
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News on December 30. In recent days, the 2019 winter campaign to combat wage arrears and the "one-gold-three-system" work scheduling meeting in Buzhou was held. Relevant persons in charge of district-level units, towns, townships, and streets attended the meeting.

The meeting notified the completion of the wage clearance work of migrant workers in the region, arranged the next step of related work, and made suggestions on how to do the next step.

The meeting requires that all departments at all levels must unify their thinking, recognize the situation, and effectively strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency to tackle the problem of mitigating migrant workers' wages in the winter. In accordance with the principle of “territorial management, hierarchical responsibility, who is in charge and who is responsible”, Grasp the implementation of the system, strengthen comprehensive management at the source, compact work responsibilities, severely crack down on wage arrears, and ensure that migrant workers and poor households who set up files and get paid are paid on time and in full; it is necessary to strengthen the "one payment" for migrant workers in construction projects. "Three systems" management work, to achieve clear situation and quick disposal, to ensure that the "one gold, three systems" work is fully advanced, to ensure that the migrant workers' wages are owed on time, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, and to build a high-quality development for the economic development of Bozhou A harmonious and stable social environment.

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