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Municipal Party committee meeting held

2019-12-31 09:39:46 来源: 遵义市政府门户网站 作者: 李培松摄影:胡博 Time: 2019-12-31 09:39:46 Source: Author Zunyi municipal government portal: Li Peisong Photography: Huber
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On December 30, the 2019 Municipal Party Committee Military Meeting was held. The meeting deeply studied and implemented Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and Xi Jinping's thought of strengthening the army, fully implementing the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, conveying and learning the spirit of the 2019 Provincial Party Parliamentary Army Meeting, and summing up the achievements of the city's defense reserve forces. , Analyze the current situation and tasks, study concrete measures to strengthen the party's control of armed work, and promote new achievements in economic construction and national defense.

Wei Shuwang, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the First Secretary of the Zunyi Army District Party Committee chaired the meeting and spoke. Huang Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, Standing Committee Member of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Municipal Government, CPPCC, Zunyi Army Division and other responsible comrades attended.

Wen Muhai, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and political commissar of the Zunyi Army Division, conveyed the spirit of the 2019 Provincial Party Committee Military Conference. Zheng Jinbo, commander of the Zunyi Army Division, reported on the construction of the city's national defense reserve in 2019. The first secretary of the Party Committee of the People's Armed Forces Department of each county (city, district) wrote the report for the party's control of the armed work.

Wei Shuwang pointed out that in the past year, the Party committees of the military divisions, and the counties (cities, districts) of the People's Armed Forces Party Committee have adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics and Xi Jinping's strong military thinking, and have consistently implemented the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission's policy deployment With a focus on the goal of strengthening the army in the new era, we will fully implement the various systems of party control and armed forces. Under the circumstances of heavy reform tasks, high readiness requirements, and tight military training, we will solidly grasp one's own comprehensive construction in one hand and actively grasp the work of supporting the government and the people, especially A lot of fruitful work has been done in poverty alleviation, military-civilian integration, mutual support and co-construction, rescue and disaster relief, etc., and has made important contributions to the city's economic and social development.

Wei Shuwang emphasized that all levels of the military and the local government must adhere to the direction of management, strengthen the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve "two safeguards". Always put political army building in the first place and adhere to the party's control of the armed forces. Unwavering principles, profound study and application of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and Xi Jinping's strong army ideas, resolutely put the party's absolute leadership over the people's army into practice, and ensure the absolute loyalty of the armed forces is absolutely reliable. It is necessary to adhere to the management and training of troops, earnestly strengthen the thinking of combat teams, pay close attention to actual combat training, constantly improve the national defense mobilization system, do a good job in national defense education and training, continue to promote the development of the military-civilian integration industry, and comprehensively improve the level of national defense mobilization.

Wei Shuwang demanded that we should adhere to the dual-support and co-construction, earnestly grasp the establishment of the ninth national dual-support model city, comprehensively review the experience and practices, build a scientific, systematic and supporting military-civilian joint construction system, and continuously promote the military-land dual-construction system. Co-construction and integrated development. It is necessary to implement all policies and measures, take the initiative to solve the problems of armed work, let the majority of officers and soldiers fully feel the care of the party and the government, feel the warmth of the residents, and perform their duties better. The military divisions must vigorously carry forward the glorious tradition of supporting the government and loving the people, actively participate in local economic and social construction, and establish a good image of "the people's army loves the people" in the new era. We must persist in grasping leadership and ensuring strong leadership, conscientiously study and implement the principles and systems of party control of armed work, sum up publicity experience in a timely manner, effectively increase supervision and assessment, and continuously improve the quality of party control of armed work in the new era.

The responsible comrades of the Zunyi Army district and relevant municipal departments attended the meeting.

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