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Announcement on the public selection and adjustment of staff of the Zunyi City Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau

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In order to further expand the channels for selecting and hiring personnel, optimize the structure of the cadre team, and strengthen the building of the cadre team of the bureau, in accordance with the "Public Servants Law of the People's Republic of China", "Zunyi City-level Institutions and Public Institutions Publicly Selecting and Adjusting Civil Servants and Institution Staff (Trial)" According to relevant regulations, according to the work needs and the staffing situation of the Zunyi Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau, it was decided to select a staff member for the city. Related matters are announced as follows.

I. Selection and number of posts

There is one civil servant post in Zunyi City Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau, and the number is one.

Qualification requirements

(1) Selection and adjustment objects must meet the following qualifications

1. Resolutely support and implement the party's line, principles and policies, firmly establish the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", clearly achieve "two resolute maintenance", and consciously keep consistent with the party's central government in political thinking Loyal, clean and responsible, with a spirit of struggle and ability to fight.

2. Fair and upright, adhere to principles, be humble and cautious, be frank and diligent, be dedicated, keep secrets, and be honest.

3. Civil servants who have been registered as civil servants and who are on the job and those who have been registered as public servants on the basis of the Civil Service Law Management Unit.

4. Have 1 year or above working experience in the office of a county or below.

5. CPC members (excluding reserve party members).

6. The annual assessments are all qualified or above (except for the probation period).

7. Good health, the age principle is under 35 years old (ie born after December 16, 1984).

8. Full-time bachelor degree or above.

9. Meet other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

(2) No one may apply for the examination in any of the following circumstances:

1. Still in trial period;

2. Suspected violations of discipline and law are being examined and investigated and no conclusion has been reached;

3. The unit does not agree with other participants in the public selection;

4. In accordance with laws, regulations, and policies, work in a targeted unit has not reached the service life or has other restrictions on transfers;

5. Other circumstances required by laws and regulations.

Registration and preliminary qualification

(I) Registration time: December 23 to December 24, 2019, 8: 30-12: 00 in the morning and 14: 00-17: 30 in the afternoon.

(2) Registration Location: Personnel and Education Section of Zunyi Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau (Room 1409, 14th Floor, Zone B, Zunyi Broadcasting and Press Center, Zunyi City, Fuqian Road, Xinpu New District, Zunyi City)

(3) The following materials must be provided when registering:

1. Registration Form for Selected Personnel (see attachment) (including electronic version, paper version must be stamped with official seal);

2. Original and photocopy of my ID card;

3. Original and copy of academic certificate;

4. Civil servant identity materials or materials for public participation ("Civil Servant Registration Form" or "Refer to the Civil Servant Law Administrative Organs <Unit> Staff Registration Form", work experience materials, etc.).

(IV) Preliminary Qualification Examination

After receiving the relevant materials submitted by the applicants, the Office of the Leading Group for Selecting and Adjusting Cadres of the Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration conducts a preliminary examination of the qualifications of the applicants on the spot.

Qualification review runs through the entire selection process. If you find that you have intentionally concealed important information or made a falsification, you will be disqualified after being verified.

4. Written exams and interviews

(A) written test

The written test is a closed-book test with a perfect score of 100 points. The test focuses on the comprehensive qualities of the candidate's level of policy theory, ability to analyze and solve practical problems, and ability to express words. The number of applicants is less than 30. No written test will be conducted and the interview will be held directly.

Written test time and place: Further notice.

(Two) interview

Candidates are determined according to the written test results from high to low, and the number of interviewees is determined according to 3: 1 (when the final score is the same, the interview process is also entered). Interviews are organized and implemented by the Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau in accordance with relevant regulations. Interviews generally take the form of structured interviews, which mainly examine candidates' ideological and political qualities, comprehensive analysis ability, language expression ability, manners, etc., with a perfect score of 100 points.

Interview time and place: further notice.

Written exams and interview results are not taken into the next link, only for reference to determine the next step.

V. Inspection

Candidates entering the inspection process are determined according to the interview result from a high to low 3: 1 ratio (the highest score is the same, and the inspection is conducted at the same time). The investigation adopts methods such as individual interviews and file inspections. The investigation content mainly includes the political ideology, moral qualities, ability qualities, and actual performance of the objects under investigation. At the same time, it reviews its qualifications for examinations, comprehensively investigates whether it is suitable for the job and draws conclusions .

Visiting time: Further notice.

Sixth, the conference research determines the candidate

Held the party group meeting of the Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, listened to the report of the inspection, and studied and determined the candidates for transfer.

Seven, physical examination

Physical examinations are to be conducted on the personnel to be selected and transferred to the hospitals at or above the county level. If the medical examination fails, the party committee meeting of the Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration will study to determine whether to submit candidates for medical examination. The medical examination standards shall be implemented with reference to relevant provisions such as the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)" and other special regulations of the state and the province shall prevail.

Medical examination time and place: further notice.

Publicity and transfer

Personnel who have passed the inspections and passed the political examination and physical examination will be selected as the object of adjustment after the study of the party group meeting of the Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration, and will be publicized within a certain range. The publicity period is 5 working days. At the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the reflection does not affect the selection and transfer, the transfer procedures shall be handled in accordance with regulations.

Nine, disciplinary supervision

The public selection work is carried out under the supervision of the Seventh Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission. Personnel participating in the public selection must not falsify. Once found, they will be disqualified from the selection and will be subject to the appropriate party and government discipline. If the work is not serious and irresponsible, and the inspection is distorted, the public selection plan is cancelled. If the assessment staff is suspected of disciplinary violations, they shall be transferred to the discipline inspection and supervision department for processing.

The outstanding selection of this public selection will be explained by the Leading Group of the Public Selection Work of the Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration.

Supervision telephone and consultation telephone: Zunyi Municipal Party Committee Organization Department: 0851-28651887

The 7th Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team dispatched by the Zunyi Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection: 0851- 2891801

Zunyi City Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau: 0851-23119458

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