Zunyi Introduction:

Zunyi, known as Bozhou in the ancient times, began in the 16th year of Tang Zhenguan. Zunyi tea, Lu Yu's "Tea Sutra" praised its "excellent taste", the tea garden area is the largest in Guizhou, "Meitan green shoots", "Fenggang emerald", "Zunyi red", and "Zheng'an white tea" frequently win gold. The "five business cards" of sauce-flavored liquor, high-quality flue-cured tobacco, red and green white tea, authentic medicinal materials, and specialty foods are refreshing at home and abroad. Electronic information, new medical health, modern high-efficiency agriculture, cultural tourism, and new building materials "five emerging industries" have grown "Four in the farmhouse · beautiful countryside" makes sweet homesickness, and "Simin Community · Beautiful City" lights up town life. Promote the "four wheels" of new industrialization, urbanization in mountainous areas, agricultural modernization, and industrialization of tourism. They will fight against poverty and overcome poverty. They will strive to write a new chapter of obedience and morality for the rich and ecologically beautiful.

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