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[Text Interpretation]: Press Conference on "Several Provisions on the Construction of Urban Civilization in Zunyi City"

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Moral shaping and morality are the value goals of a civilized city. 30 日,“壮丽七十年·奋斗新时代”《遵义市城市文明建设若干规定》新闻发布会举行,对《遵义市城市文明建设若干规定》(以下简称《规定》)的主要内容及有关情况进行宣传、解读。 On October 30 , a press conference on "Several 70 Years of Struggle and New Era of Struggle" "Zunyi City Civilization Construction" press conference was held. The main content of the "Zunyi City Civilization Construction" (hereinafter referred to as the "Provisions") and Publicize and interpret relevant situations. Yang Bin, Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and spokesperson of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, made an overall press release.

6 28 日经市五届人大常委会第二十一次会议通过,将于 11 1 日正式实施。 The "Regulations" were adopted at the 21st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress on June 28 this year and will be officially implemented on November 1 . The implementation of the "Procedures" provides a legal basis for the establishment of civilization, and guarantees the rule of law in consolidating the achievements of civilized cities across the country.

2015 年获得地方立法权以来,制定颁布的第四部实体性法规,也是省内率先出台的规范城市文明建设的一部法规,是促进精神文明建设法治化的客观需要,是落实市委决策部署、巩固我市创文成果的有力举措,更是提升社会文明程度、增强人民群众幸福感的有效途径。 It is reported that the "Regulations" is the fourth substantive regulation formulated and promulgated by the Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee since it obtained local legislative power in 2015. It is also the first regulation promulgated in the province to regulate the construction of urban civilization and promotes the spirit. The objective need for the rule of law in civilized construction is a powerful measure to implement the decision-making and deployment of the municipal party committee and consolidate the creative achievements of our city. It is also an effective way to enhance the degree of social civilization and the happiness of the people. At the same time, as a supplementary provision of provincial regulations, the regulations set penalties that complement the incentive provisions of provincial regulations, detailing the corresponding legal responsibilities of various subjects of uncivilized acts, and not mentioning provincial regulations. "Reasonably planning temporary mobile business stalls", "preventing bullying on campus", "regulating students' use of mobile phones", "prohibiting public transport bullying", "prohibiting driving safety hazards" and other matters have set up local characteristics, which will comprehensively strengthen citizen morality The construction promotes the comprehensive improvement of citizens' moral quality and social civilization.

16 条,明确了城市文明建设的领导协调机构,设立了城市文明建设工作考评机制,创设了道德模范礼遇机制,设立了文明劝导岗制度,建立了投诉举报处理机制,明确了各级政府及相关部门的管理职责、窗口单位和服务行业的义务、公民的文明行为义务规范。 According to reports, there are 16 articles in the "Regulations" , which clarify the leading and coordinating mechanism of urban civilization construction, establish an evaluation mechanism for urban civilization construction work, create a moral model courtesy mechanism, establish a civilized persuasion post system, and establish a complaint reporting and handling mechanism. , Clarified the management responsibilities of governments at all levels and relevant departments, the obligations of window units and service industries, and the norms of civilized behavior obligations of citizens. While taking the promotion of citizen quality and the degree of urban civilization as the starting point and end point, the combination of the rule of law and the rule of virtue, and through comprehensive measures such as publicity and education, management norms, and legal constraints, will enable the broad masses of the people to continuously enhance their awareness of civilization and the quality of civilization Let civilization prevail.

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