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"Implementation Opinions on Encouraging the Development of Prefabricated Buildings"

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遵府办发〔2019〕13号 ,以下简称《意见》),旨在 因地制宜发展装配式混凝土结构、钢结构和现代木结构等装配式建筑 促进建筑产业绿色发展和转型升级 进一步提高我市装配式建筑水平,加快推进建筑产业现代化 On November 6, 2019, the Municipal People's Government Office issued the "Implementation Opinions on Encouraging the Development of Prefabricated Buildings" ( Zunfu Office Development [2019] No. 13 , hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which aims to develop prefabricated concrete structures according to local conditions, Prefabricated buildings such as steel structures and modern wooden structures promote the green development and transformation and upgrading of the construction industry , further improve the level of prefabricated buildings in our city, and accelerate the modernization of the construction industry .

The Opinions clearly: from 2019 to 2020, we will give full play to the role of our city center as a pilot demonstration area in the province to actively promote the province, focus on government investment projects to adopt prefabricated construction, accelerate the construction and cultivation of prefabricated construction industrial bases and demonstration projects . Reasonably distribute and build prefabricated building production bases in the city.

逐步培育形成以优势企业为核心、相关产业协作的产业布局,装配式建筑政策措施和监管体系更加完善,装配式建筑部品部件生产能力基本满足装配式建筑建设需求。 From 2021 to 2023, an industrial layout centered on advantageous enterprises and related industry collaboration will be gradually cultivated. The policy and supervision system of prefabricated construction will be improved, and the production capacity of prefabricated building parts will basically meet the demand for prefabricated construction.

全市装配式建筑初具规模,产业发展的配套支撑能力显著提升,装配式建筑技术水平长足进步。 From 2024 to 2025, the city's prefabricated buildings will begin to take shape, the supporting capacity for industrial development will be significantly improved, and the technological level of prefabricated buildings will be greatly improved. Build a new-type building and construction material industry demonstration base, and focus on supporting a group of new-type building and construction material industry backbone enterprises, 1-2 construction industrialization development demonstration counties, and 5-10 prefabricated building or new-type building materials application provincial demonstration projects.

将红花岗区、汇川区、播州区、新蒲新区4个中心城区列为我市装配式建筑积极推进地区,中心城区以外的其他区域为鼓励推进地区。 The "Opinions" points out that the four central urban areas of Honghuagang District, Huichuan District, Bozhou District, and Xinpu New District are listed as actively promoted prefabricated buildings in the city, and areas other than the central urban area are encouraged. 坚持市场主导,政府推动、试点推进、稳步推广、顶层设计、协调发展,因地制宜发展装配式混凝土结构、钢结构和现代木结构等装配式建筑 ;二是 坚持标准化设计、工厂化生产、装配化施工、一体化装修、信息化管理、智能化应用,促进建筑产业绿色发展和转型升级。 Vigorously develop prefabricated buildings in our city. First, adhere to market leadership, government promotion, pilot advancement, steady promotion, top-level design, coordinated development, and development of prefabricated concrete structures, steel structures, and modern wooden structures . Standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, information management, and intelligent application will promote the green development and transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

The "Opinions" proposes that the main task of developing prefabricated buildings is to improve the standard system. The Municipal Housing, Urban and Rural Construction Bureau must strictly implement and promote the relevant specifications of state, industry and provincial prefabricated buildings, and assist in the formulation of local standards and cost quotas. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau shall support enterprises to formulate enterprise standards and promote the transformation of key technology and complete technology research results into standards and specifications. Improve prefabricated building technology review and industry certification evaluation mechanisms, and gradually advance third-party evaluation methods. The second is to clarify the project construction requirements. According to the city's prefabricated building development goals and implementation scope, when conditions are ripe, add prefabricated building review content in the approval or approval process of fixed asset investment projects, and implement priority approval or approval for construction projects that meet prefabricated building related standards and specifications. . The third is to do a good job of pilot demonstration. Actively cultivate leading enterprises in prefabricated buildings, relying on leading companies in the production of prefabricated building parts and components, focus on shantytown renovation, public buildings, and government investment projects, and conduct prefabricated building pilot demonstrations to promote the creation of high-quality pilot demonstration results National prefabricated building industry base and national prefabricated building demonstration city. Fourth, develop supporting industries. Relying on the preferential policies for industrial investment promotion, we will vigorously implement the "introduction" strategy, recruit large and powerful enterprises around the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the assembled construction industry, and introduce domestically-produced assembled construction parts and components manufacturing enterprises with strong technology. Fifth, promote and apply advanced technologies. Actively guide the construction industry to adopt advanced new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment at home and abroad, and regularly issue announcements on the promotion, application, periodical use and compulsory phase-out of technologies, processes, materials and equipment. Sixth, the implementation of general contracting. Strengthen the bidding service and guidance for prefabricated construction projects, and in principle, prefabricated construction will implement the EPC project general contracting model. Seventh, strengthen quality supervision. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau strengthened the supervision and management of product quality of assembly building component parts manufacturing enterprises, implemented registration management of component manufacturing enterprises, urged production to manage the registration of products flowing to the market, and urged enterprises to establish product quality safety traceability systems and quality assurance. System to ensure product traceability.

The "Opinions" require: increase support for prefabricated construction policies, first, financial support. The Municipal Finance Bureau shall guarantee the special work funding for the development of prefabricated buildings, and the county (city, district) finances arrange a certain amount of special funds each year to support the development of prefabricated building industrial bases and prefabricated building projects. The second is financial support. Financial institutions should increase credit support for qualified prefabricated construction enterprises, bases and projects, broaden the types and scope of mortgage pledges, and give priority to loan lines, loan terms and loan interest rates, and give priority to supporting prefabricated construction. Real estate project loan supply. For development loans that meet the credit conditions, loans are issued in a timely manner in accordance with the progress of the project. The third is land use support. All counties (cities, districts) shall give priority to supporting the land for prefabricated construction enterprises, bases and projects, and strengthen the land protection for prefabricated construction projects. Fourth, tax and fee concessions. Study and formulate qualifying construction project migrant workers' wage deposits, performance bonds, infrastructure supporting fees, etc., to be eligible for deductions and exemptions. Fifth, technical innovation support. Actively organize industry authorities, enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, inspection and testing institutions, experts and scholars to apply for Guizhou Provincial Prefabricated Building Expert Committee experts, give full play to the city's experts' think-tank staff, and organize relevant experts in accordance with the technical requirements of prefabricated building Carry out technical consultation and service guidance. Sixth, implement area rewards. For commercial housing projects that meet the requirements of prefabricated buildings, the construction area of the prefabricated part of the wall (not more than 3% to 5% of the planned total construction area) may not be included in the plot ratio calculation of the transaction plot; at the same time, prefabricated buildings and residential buildings are fully renovated For the required commercial housing project, the construction area of the prefabricated part of the wall (not exceeding 5% of the planned total construction area) may not be included in the plot ratio calculation of the transaction plot; the construction area increased due to the use of wall insulation technology is not included in the plot ratio Accounting for construction area. Seventh, optimize supervision services. Explore the establishment of a green channel approval system for prefabricated construction projects, and give priority to related companies engaged in prefabricated building design, production of parts and components, transportation, construction, equipment manufacturing, technology research and development, and other related procedures for qualification upgrade, renewal, and pre-sale permission. Handle.

The "Opinions" emphasized that the development of prefabricated buildings should strengthen safeguard measures. The first is to strengthen organizational leadership. Establish a leadership group headed by the municipal people's government as the leader, and the county (city, district) government, and the relevant municipal units as the members. The leadership group is responsible for coordinating and coordinating major issues in the advancement. The second is to strengthen team building. Train the management skills of industrial workers, construction technicians and project managers. The third is to increase publicity. Relevant departments at all levels should rely on newspapers, televisions, websites, WeChat, Weibo and other platforms to establish interaction mechanisms among governments, enterprises, media, and citizens, vigorously carry out prefabricated building propaganda, popularize prefabricated building concepts, and improve the public Awareness, and effectively create a good atmosphere to promote the development of prefabricated buildings. The fourth is to strengthen the assessment supervision office. The office of the Municipal Development Leading Group for Construction Work should focus on the implementation of policy support and target tasks, organize timely supervision and inspection, and focus on preventing and solving problems such as the implementation of policy regulations that are not strict and the target tasks not being proactive.

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