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`` Notice on Doing a Good Job in Receiving and Placement of Retired Soldiers in 2019 ''

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市人民政府 遵义军分区 印发《 关于认真做好2019年度退役士兵接收安置工作的通知 》( 遵府发〔2019〕14号 ,以下简《通知》),《通知》 明确了今年接收安置退役士兵的对象、 政府安排工作对象 安置方式 ,并提出了具体工作要求。 On November 1, 2019, the Municipal People's Government Zunyi Army issued the " Notice on Seriously Receiving and Receiving Resettlement of Retired Soldiers in 2019 " ( Zunfufa [2019] No. 14 , the following "Notice"), and the Notice clearly states The target of receiving retired soldiers this year, the government's arrangement of work targets , resettlement methods , and specific work requirements were put forward.

I. Recipients

(1) Compulsory soldiers. Those who have not been selected as non-commissioned officers after serving two years of service; Those who have stayed in the army for more than two years due to injury, illness, disability, etc., have ended their medical treatment, or have completed assessment of disability; Those who have served less than two years of service due to adjustment of the military establishment and their political and physical conditions Those who need to retire from service in advance in accordance with relevant regulations.

(B) The noncommissioned officer. Those who have served for 5 years, 8 years, 12 years, and 16 years have not been selected as a senior sergeant or promoted to the rank; those who have served for 30 years or 55 years of age need to retire from active service; due to the needs of national construction and adjustment of the military establishment Those who have retired from service; those who have applied for a major change in their family, and those who are unsuitable to continue active service due to their actual performance, work ability, and physical conditions.

Second, the government arranges the work object

(1) A non-commissioned officer who has served for 12 years;

(2) Soldiers who are usually awarded second-class or higher awards during active service or wartime third-class or higher awards;

(3) Soldiers who have been disabled due to war and who have been rated as grades 5 to 8;

(4) soldiers of children of martyrs;

(5) A non-commissioned officer who has served the full service for 10 or 11 years and meets the conditions for full retirement;

(6) Sergeants directly recruited from non-military departments who have served in active service for a specified number of years in the rank of sergeant;

(7) Soldiers who have been rated as disabled from grade 5 to 8 due to disability;

(8) Non-commissioned officers recruited from urban (non-agricultural household) youths or from undergraduates enrolled in colleges (without resumption) and fresh graduates enlisted in the army and holding "password" or non-agricultural preferential placement certificates.

3. Resettlement methods

(1) The government arranges work. Where the retired soldiers meet the work arrangements of the people's government, all localities and relevant departments must attach great importance to ensuring that the retired soldiers who meet the work arrangements of the government are accurately placed.

(2) Supporting independent employment. Volunteers who do not meet the government's working conditions or retired soldiers who choose to work independently when retiring shall be supported by the local people ’s governments in accordance with the principle of “urban-rural integration” . A one-time financial subsidy will be issued in accordance with relevant regulations.

(3) Encourage flexible employment. Retired soldiers who choose to have their work arranged by the government return to the local area and then give up their work benefits can choose to work for themselves and receive a one-time employment subsidy, while enjoying various preferential policies that support the employment and entrepreneurship of retired soldiers.

Work requirements

All localities and relevant departments and units should proceed from the overall situation of supporting national defense and army building, and safeguarding national security and development interests, and conscientiously implement laws and regulations such as the People's Republic of China Military Service Law and the Regulations on the Placement of Retired Soldiers, and formulate resettlement plans scientifically. Implement resettlement policies, vigorously promote employment and entrepreneurship, and ensure that various measures for the placement of retired soldiers in 2019 are implemented.

(1) Improve political standing and strengthen organizational leadership. 2019 is the year of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the year of resolute fighting against poverty in our city and the key year of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also an important year for deepening the reform of national defense and the military. The first year of transfer, two resettlements. All counties (cities, districts) should attach great importance to putting the repatriation of retired soldiers on the agenda as a political task, strengthening their responsibilities and improving their standing, and they will be implemented without fail to ensure the completion of the annual resettlement task.

(2) Strictly implement policies to improve resettlement quality. For retired soldiers who meet the government's work arrangements, we must give full play to the role of organs and institutions as the main channel for resettlement. For retired soldiers with independent employment and flexible employment, it is necessary to increase support for independent employment and entrepreneurship. No department, industry, or unit may issue discriminatory documents against retired soldiers. It is strictly forbidden to refuse to accept retired soldiers or to restrict or prohibit subordinate units from accepting retired soldiers. It is strictly forbidden to use labor dispatch, paid transfer, etc. in place of receiving retirees in accordance with government arrangements soldier.

(3) Do a good job of follow-up guidance and strictly implement accountability. The resettlement of retired soldiers in 2019 is tight, the tasks are heavy, and the requirements are high. The people's governments at the county level must fulfill their main responsibilities, and the departments of retired military affairs at all levels, human resources and social security, state-owned assets supervision and management, finance, education and other departments must cooperate closely. , Take the initiative to ensure that the placement of retired soldiers in 2019 is successfully completed before the end of the year.

New situations and problems encountered in resettlement work in various places must be reported to the Zunyi Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs in a timely manner.

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