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Our city takes many measures to promote the development of special education

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年以来,全市特殊教育学生在省职业教育比赛中获奖8人次,在全国科技创新大赛中获省级奖励15人次、国家级奖励4人次,这是我市特殊教育采取“四轮驱动”取得的成效。 Since 2015 , the city's special education students have won 8 person-times in provincial vocational education competitions, 15 provincial-level awards and 4 national-level awards in the National Science and Technology Innovation Competition. Effect.

Multi-party synergy. Focus on functional integration and system construction, and build a working pattern of government leadership, departmental collaboration, and multi-participation. Formulate the work plan of the “National Special Education Experimental Zone”, the implementation plan of the second special education promotion plan (2017-2020), establish and improve the special education department work coordination coordinating meeting, the identification of disabled children and adolescents, and work security System, detailed division of labor, quantitative assessment, and a strong joint force to comprehensively promote the reform and development of special education.

Increase investment and strong protection. Focus on funding guarantees, infrastructure, and teaching staff. Since 2015, the annual budget of the municipal finance is not less than 1 million yuan, and the annual budget of the county level is not less than 200,000 yuan to guarantee the development of special education and promote the standardization, standardization and scientificization of special education. There are more than 7,000 special education teachers in the city, and more than 6,200 people have been organized to participate in business training in cooperation with universities such as East China Normal University. Among the 14 special schools in the city, Zunyi Special Education School and Wuchuan Autonomous County Special Education School were shortlisted as the top 10 special schools in Guizhou Province in 2018.

Precise policy and excellent service. Highlight key links such as rehearsal, appraisal, education, treatment, etc. According to the changes in the level of disability, respectively, follow-up attendance, special school attendance, and school visits will be implemented. Medical institutions will regularly conduct inspections and treatments according to the degree of disability to form a "combination of education and education". Education service model to ensure early detection, early placement, early treatment and early education for children with disabilities. Since 2015, a total of 7,105 disabled children and adolescents have been screened in the city, and 45 severely disabled children have been converted to moderately disabled, and 38 moderately disabled children have been converted to mildly disabled.

Innovative teaching is effective. Actively integrate the resources of ordinary schools and special education schools, explore education methods such as “personal compensation” and “resident compensation”, fully explore the personality characteristics and potential of students, and regularly organize cultural and sports activities such as track and field sports games and art festivals for children with disabilities to achieve special education Comprehensive goals of short-term teaching and long-term development. Since 2015, the city's special education students have won awards in national and provincial related competitions. On behalf of the Chinese team, Cai Liwen, a special education school in Zunyi City, won the women's S11 level 2 gold and silver in the 2017 Mexico Paralympic Swimming Championships.

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