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National-urban compulsory education for poor students

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1)政策依据:《贵州省农村义务教育阶段家庭经济困难寄宿生生活补助费专项资金管理办法(试行)》(黔财教〔2011〕107号)、《贵州省进一步完善城乡义务教育经费保障机制的实施方案》(黔财教〔2016〕33号) ( 1) Policy basis: "Special Funds Management Measures for Living Allowances of Boarding Students with Financial Difficulties in Rural Households in Guizhou Province at the Stage of Compulsory Education (Trial)" (Qian Cai Jiao [2011] No. 107), and "Guizhou Province Further Improves the Funding Guarantee Mechanism for Urban and Rural Compulsory Education Implementation Plan "(Qiancaijiao [2016] No. 33) .

2)享受对象:在 城乡义务教育 学校就读的 家庭经济困难寄宿生。 ( 2) Recipients: Boarding students from financially disadvantaged families studying in urban and rural compulsory education schools . 2019年秋季学期起,将非寄宿的农村建档立卡贫困学生、家庭经济困难残疾学生、农村低保家庭学生和农村特困救助供养学生纳入补助范围。 Beginning in the fall semester of 2019, non-boarding rural poor students who have filed for registration, poverty-stricken students with financial difficulties in the family, students in the rural subsistence allowance family, and students in rural poverty-stricken areas are included in the subsidy.

3)资助标准: ( 3) Funding criteria:

寄宿生 1000元/人·年 ,非寄宿生 500元 /人·年 Elementary school: 1,000 yuan / person · year for boarders, 500 yuan / person · year for non-boarders ;

:寄宿生 1250元/人·年 ,非寄宿生 625元 /人·年。 Junior high school : 1250 yuan / person · year for boarders, 625 yuan / person · year for non-boarders .

50%,省级财政50%。 (4) Source of funds: 50% from the central government and 50% from the provincial government.

5) 申报程序:学校公布资助信息,学生按学年或学期向学校提出书面申请,学校组织对申请学生受助资格进行审查、公示拟资助名单,上报教育主管部门审核确认后,学校将补助资金 按学期 通过现金或等额饭票等形式发放给学生。 ( 5) Application procedure: The school announces the funding information, the student submits a written application to the school according to the school year or semester, the school organizes the review of the applicant's eligibility for sponsorship, and publishes the list of proposed funding. After the report is submitted to the education department for review and confirmation, the school will subsidize the funds. Issued to students by cash or equivalent meal tickets.

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