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State-Poverty Support Policy

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1)政策依据:《财政部教育部关于建立学前教育资助制度的意见》(财教〔2011〕410号)、《 贵州省财政厅 贵州省教育厅关于 实施学前教育资助制度的通知 》(黔财教〔 2012〕75号)。 ( 1) Policy basis: Opinions of the Ministry of Finance on Establishing a Preschool Education Funding System (Caijiao [2011] No. 410), Guizhou Provincial Department of Finance Guizhou Provincial Department of Education's Notice on Implementing a Preschool Education Subsidy System (Qian Caijiao [ 2012] No. 75).

2)资助对象:在经教育行政部门审批设立的各级各类普惠性幼儿园就读的家庭经济困难儿童,包括农村建档立卡贫困家庭幼儿、低保家庭幼儿、福利机构监护的幼儿、革命烈士子女、五保供养的幼儿以及残疾幼儿。 ( 2) Target recipients: Children from families with financial difficulties who are studying in various types of inclusive kindergartens approved by the education administrative department at all levels, including children in poverty-stricken families in rural areas who are registered in the family, children in subsistence allowances, children under the supervision of welfare agencies, Children of revolutionary martyrs, children supported by the Five Guarantees, and children with disabilities.

3)资助标准:500-800元/ ·年 ( 3) Funding standard: 500-800 yuan / person · year .

4)资金来源:由当地财政部门负责筹措落实;根据各地工作开展情况,省财政统筹资金给予相应的奖励。 ( 4) Source of funds: The local financial department is responsible for financing and implementation; according to the development of local work, the provincial financial pool funds give corresponding rewards.

5 申报程序:每年 9月开学时,由贫困幼儿家长或监护人向幼儿园提出书面申请,提交有效贫困证明(建档立卡 贫困幼儿可不提交 ),由幼儿园进行审核、公示,上报所在县(区、市)教育、财政部门。 ( 5 ) Declaration procedure: When the school starts in September of each year , the parents or guardians of the poor children submit a written application to the kindergarten, submit a valid poverty certificate (the poor children who do not set up a file can not submit ), and the kindergarten will review, publicize and report to the county District, city) education and finance departments. After the county's education and financial department reviews and confirms, according to the budgetary management and financial fund payment management regulations of the same level, the kindergarten will allocate subsidy funds, and the kindergarten will send the subsidy funds to parents or guardians of poor children.

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