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Country-National tuition fee exemption for general high school education

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1)政策依据:《普通高中建档立卡家庭经济困难学生免除学杂费政策对象的认定及学杂费减免工作暂行办法》(教财厅〔2016〕4号)。 ( 1) Policy basis: "Identification of the Exemption of Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees Policy for Students with Financial Difficulties from Ordinary High School Filed Families and the Provisional Measures on Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee Reduction" (Ministry of Finance and Economics [2016] No. 4).

2)享受对象:在普通高中就读,具有全日制学历教育正式学籍的农村户籍建档立卡贫困学生、非建档立卡的家 庭经济困难残疾学生、农村低保学生、农村特困救助供养学生。 ( 2) Objects of enjoyment: Rural household registration and registration poverty-stricken students with full-time academic qualifications, non-filed registration families , students with financial difficulties and disabled students, rural subsistence allowances, and rural poverty-stricken students who are enrolled in ordinary high schools. student.

3)免学费标准:按物价部门核定的学校收费标准直接免除(一类示范高中2000元/ ·年、二类示范高中1800 / ·年、三类示范高中 1600元/ ·年、市区非示范高中 1000元/ ·年、县区非示范高中 760元/ ·年 )。 ( 3) Tuition exemption standard: Directly exempt from the school fee standard approved by the price department (Class I demonstration high school 2000 yuan / person · year, Class II demonstration high school 1800 yuan / person · year, Class III demonstration high school 1600 yuan / person · year 1,000 yuan / person · year for non-model high schools in urban areas and 760 yuan / person · year for non-model high schools in counties and districts ).

4)资金来源:中央财政80%,市级财政10%,县级财政10%。 ( 4) Source of funds: 80% of central finance, 10% of municipal finance, and 10% of county finance.

5 申报程序:每学期入学报到时,学校先按标准免除贫困学生学费,然后再组织学生按要求完善相关手续。 ( 5 ) Application procedure: When the semester is enrolled, the school will first waive the tuition fees of the poor students according to the standard, and then organize the students to complete the relevant procedures as required.

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