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The 15th Middle School of Zunyi City Establishes a Provincial Demonstration Ordinary Senior High School Evaluation Feedback Meeting

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On December 7, the 15th Middle School in Zunyi City established a provincial demonstration general high school evaluation feedback meeting. Provincial Department of Education Demonstration High School Assessment First Expert Group Leader, Special Language Teacher Wang Lihua and All First Assessment Group Experts, Xinpu New District (Economic Development Zone) Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee Feng Junfeng, Municipal People The government was attending the meeting with Zhang Daochao, a county-level supervisor.

At the meeting, Wang Lihua, on behalf of the expert group, provided feedback from the assessment of the basic situation, campus environment, teaching quality, teaching staff, and school software and hardware facilities, and put forward opinions and suggestions objectively and fairly.

The expert group spoke highly of the efforts made by the new district and all the teachers and students, and stated that Xinpu new district attaches great importance to education, has a large investment in funding, has significantly improved school running conditions, and has steadily improved the quality of teaching. 人员队伍;进一步强化学校文化建设,注重学生综合发展,进一步细化 “五爱”课堂要素,积极创造条件,尽早进入省级示范性普通高中学校之列。 It is recommended that schools further strengthen the curriculum reform, improve the quality of teaching, increase the construction of master-funded teams, and complete the team with strong personnel; further strengthen the construction of school culture, focus on the comprehensive development of students, further refine the "five love" classroom elements, and actively create Conditions, as soon as possible into the provincial model of ordinary high school.

After listening to the recommendations of the expert group, Feng Junfeng said that he will take this assessment as an opportunity to innovate his work ideas, increase investment in education, and fully support the faster and better development of the 15th Middle School of Zunyi. 教育队伍建设,将遵义市十五中办成一所学生喜欢、家长满意、社会认同的具有特色的高质量示范性高中。 Xinpu New District will formulate a rectification plan in accordance with the opinions of the expert group, conscientiously implement the rectification, continuously optimize school conditions, and strengthen the construction of the education team. Exemplary high school of quality.

Zhang Daochao said that the relevant departments of Zunyi City will formulate a list of rectifications based on the opinions of the expert group. Well, implement the valuable opinions of the expert group, strive to achieve hardware standards and excellent software as soon as possible, and make every effort to build Zunyi No. 15 Middle School into a veritable provincial high school.

The members of the Party Working Committee, the Minister of Propaganda Department and the United Front Department of the Xinpu New District calmed down. Wang Feng, a member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director of the Xinpu New District Management Committee, and the principals of the relevant district departments attended the meeting.

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