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The “Five Unions and Five Strongest” in Bozhou District Strengthens the Collective Economy of the Village

2019-09-22 15:34:40 来源: 播州区扶贫办 作者: 杨彤 Time: 2019-09-22 15:34:40 Source: Poverty Alleviation Office of Banshu area: Tong Yang
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五联五强 总体思路,积极探索 村社企 融合发展,着力培育融合发展型、配套服务型、资产经营型、产业带动型、入股分红型 五型 模式,推动全区村级集体经济快速发展。 Taking the increase of farmers' income as the core, Biaozhou District actively explores the integrated development of " village social enterprises " in accordance with the general idea of " Five Unions and Five Strong " , and strives to foster the integration and development type, supporting service type, asset management type, industry-driven type, and dividend-sharing type . The "five-type " model promotes the rapid development of the village-level collective economy in the region.

Organize linkages to ensure strong security. 部门帮扶抓,镇 班子成员包保抓 四抓 模式, 建立上下联动、部门联动、多方联动机制,制定涉及财政、金融、税务、国土、水利等部门优惠政策, 细化 23 家成员单位主要职责 ,推动 形成 党委政府 主体、组织部门主导、农业部门主责、职能部门主扶、 镇(乡)村(社) 主抓的格局 Implement the " four catches " model of district-level leaders' contact points to take the lead, organize the team members to organize demonstrations in key villages, direct district departments to help, and town ( township ) team members to ensure that the " four grasps " model, establish up-down linkage, department Linkage and multi-party linkage mechanism, formulate preferential policies involving finance, banking, taxation, land, water conservancy and other departments, refine the main responsibilities of 23 member units , and promote the formation of party committee government bodies, organizational department leadership, agricultural department responsibility, and functional department support , Town (township) village (community) master pattern . 6069 万元,帮助指导村(社)成立各种类型村办企业 118 家、合作社 174 全区村级集体经济积累总量达 1.5 亿元 Since 2015 , it has coordinated higher-level funds and district-level self-investment funds of 60.69 million yuan, helped guide villages (communities) to set up 118 types of village-owned enterprises and 174 cooperatives , and the total collective economic accumulation of the village-level in the district reached 150 million yuan. .

Resources unite strong vitality.特惠贷 等资源 进行整合,交由村集体或村集体领办、创办或参股的经济实体组织实施 ,增强集体经济发展活力 Integrate the special funds for agricultural production, poverty alleviation funds, assistance funds, and " preferential loans " and other resources , and hand them over to the village collectives or economic entities organized by the collectives to organize, establish, or participate in economic entities to strengthen the vitality of collective economic development . 三合镇整合长丰村、马坪村、冷水村、泽头村、芦岩村等 5 个贫困村集体经济专项资金、特惠贷 、上级扶贫资金共 1300 万元,成立 三合镇五春园农业发展有限公司 ,采取 党支部 + 基地 + 村办企业 + 农户 的模式,建成占地 55 亩的生猪养殖示范小区,发展村集体经济,入股的 352 户贫困户共分红 67.94 万元, 56 户贫困户将 256 万元 小额扶贫贷款 入股公司,按照 8% 的年利率参与分红,户均年纯增收 3600 余元,参股的 5 个贫困村每年可实现村集体收益 20 万元以上 For example, Sanhe Town integrates the collective economic special funds, " special loans " and superior poverty alleviation funds of 5 poor villages , including Changfeng Village, Maping Village, Lengshui Village, Zetou Village, and Luyan Village , to create a total of 13 million yuan. Wuchunyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. " adopts the model of " Party Branch + Base + Village- run Enterprises + Farmers " to build a 55- mu live pig breeding demonstration community to develop the collective economy of the village. A total of 352 poor households with shares will receive a dividend of 67.94. 10,000 yuan, 56 poor households will invest 2.56 million yuan in small poverty alleviation loans into the company, participate in dividends at an annual interest rate of 8% , and the average annual net income of each household will increase by more than 3600 yuan. The 5 poor villages in which the shares are held can realize village collective income every year. More than 200,000 yuan .

Strong foundation of industry alliance.支部 + 公司 + 合作社(协会) + 电商 + 农户 等多种形式,积极培育农村新型农业经营主体,推动发展特色优势产业。 Take various forms such asbranch + company + cooperative (association) + e-commerce + farmers ” to actively cultivate new rural agricultural operators and promote the development of industries with distinctive advantages. +” 产业,推动村级集体经济积累从 2014 年的 30 万元增加到 2018 年的 880 余万元,农民人均纯收入从 2016 年的 11500 元增加到 2018 年的 15000 元;三岔镇高山村成立农业开发公司,与企业合作,流转土地种植弥猴桃 547 亩,带动周边农户种植弥猴桃 1500 亩, 2019 年村级集体经济预计收益达 40 万元。 For example, Jinshan Village, Maoli Town, has played a radiating role in industrial development, united the villages to jointly develop the ecological " rice +" industry, and promoted the village-level collective economic accumulation from 300,000 yuan in 2014 to more than 8.8 million yuan in 2018 . Net income increased from 11,500 yuan in 2016 to 15,000 yuan in 2018 ; an agricultural development company was established in Gaoshan Village, Sancha Town, and in cooperation with enterprises, 547 acres of kiwi peach were transferred to the land , and surrounding farmers were planted over 1,500 acres . The village-level collective economy is expected to earn 400,000 yuan in 2019 .

The marriage of agricultural enterprises is a strong way. Give full play to the role of party organizations at all levels, guide village-village enterprise pairings, marriage between agricultural enterprises, and solidly carry out project cooperation, product matching, village consolidation, asset leasing, etc., to achieve a win-win situation among village-level organizations, enterprises and farmers. 组织群众将 1000 亩土地使用权作价 1000 万元 入股 贵州大发农业发展有限公司 大发渠 作价 3000 万元 入股 贵州大发旅游发展有限公司, 中天集团 以公司化统筹团结村产业和旅游发展 两家公司每年收益的 80% 纳入村集体经济,用于改善农村环境、发放股金红利。 For example, Tuanjie Village of Pingzheng Township seized the opportunity of pairing and assistance of Zhongtian Financial Group, organized the masses to invest 10 million yuan in land use rights into Guizhou Dafa Agricultural Development Co. , Ltd. , and invested " Dafa Channel " in Guizhou for 30 million yuan. Dafa Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is organized by Zhongtian Group to coordinate unity village industry and tourism development . 80% of the two companies' annual income is included in the village collective economy, which is used to improve the rural environment and pay dividends. 1540 户户均增收 2 万元,带动当地 800 人就业,吸引 500 余人返乡就业创业。 In 2018 , the average income of 1,540 households in the village increased by 20,000 yuan, which led to the employment of 800 local people and attracted more than 500 people to return to their hometowns for employment and entrepreneurship.

Strongly increase income through interest linkage. Improve the village-level collective economic benefit distribution mechanism, establish a land revenue guarantee mechanism, and protect the interests of the masses, and encourage the masses to participate in enterprise operations by way of land shares.支部 + 公司 + 农户 模式,动员群众将土地入股村集体,群众除收取保底收益外,每年还按照 100 / 亩标准与公司分红,同时以投入农业基础设施建设资金总额的 10% 入股公司获取分红,村集体收益的 80% 按照公共服务股、经济发展股、精准扶贫股、乐业奉献股、环境治理股、道德模范股 六股模式 ,对群众再分配 ,让全村群众参与分红利、享实惠,促进利益联结 更加紧密 For example, Xinhua Village in Leshan Town adopts the model ofbranch + company + farmer ” to mobilize the masses to share the land in the village collective. In addition to receiving a guaranteed income, the masses also pay dividends to the company at the rate of 100 yuan / mu each year , while investing in agricultural infrastructure construction. 10% of the total capital is invested in the company to receive dividends, and 80% of the village's collective income is based on the " six-share model " of public service stocks, economic development stocks, precision poverty alleviation stocks, Leye contribution stocks, environmental governance stocks, and moral model stocks . Distribution , allowing the entire village to participate in dividends, enjoy benefits, and promote closer interests .

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