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Huang Wei, Deputy Secretary of Zunyi Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor, went to Zhengan and Metan to investigate poverty alleviation

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1 日至 2 日, 遵义 市委副书记、代理市长黄伟 到深度贫困县正安县 和已脱贫摘帽县湄潭县 调研脱贫攻坚工作。 From November 1st to 2nd , Deputy Secretary of Zunyi Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor Huang Wei went to Zhengan County, a deeply impoverished county, and Meitan County, a poverty alleviation county, to investigate poverty alleviation work.

在正安县调研时 强调,要按照中央和省委、省政府决策部署,聚焦两个清零 ,坚决扛起重大政治责任,纵深推进农村产业革命,确保实现摘帽出列、全面脱贫,坚决夺取脱贫攻坚战全面胜利。 Huang Wei emphasized in the investigation of Zheng'an County that it is necessary to focus on the " two zeros " in accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the Central and Provincial Committees and Provincial Governments , resolutely shoulder major political responsibilities, advance the rural industrial revolution in depth, and ensure that the implementation of the comprehensive, comprehensive and comprehensive policies is achieved. Get rid of poverty and resolutely win the all-out victory in the fight against poverty.

黄伟 走进贫困户骆科伟家中,详细询问就医就学以及产业收入情况,鼓励他保持乐观、坚定信心,在党委、政府的政策支持下,把身体调理好,把家庭经营好,把孩子培养好。 In the Baiba Group of Baiba Village, Ruixi Town, Zheng'an County, Huang Wei walked into the home of the poor household Luo Kewei, asked in detail about medical education and industry income, and encouraged him to maintain optimism and firm confidence. With the support of the party committee and government policies, Take care of your body, manage your family, and train your children. Shifeng Village, Anchang Town is Huang Wei's contact point.八要素 ,用好 五步工作法 ,健全利益联结机制,因地制宜发展种养产业,纵深推进农村产业革命,带动群众长期稳定增收。 He came to the Zanbaba Group pepper industry base and asked about planting patterns and market conditions, emphasizing the need to seize major opportunities for Shanghai counterparts to help, firmly grasp the " eight factors " , make good use of the " five-step work method " , and improve the interest linkage mechanism. The development of planting and breeding industries according to local conditions and the deep advancement of the rural industrial revolution will drive the long-term stable increase of income for the masses. At the home of the poor household Wen Changbin, Huang Wei had an in-depth exchange with him, and held a conference to hear reports from counties, towns, and villages on poverty alleviation work, soliciting opinions from grass-roots party members and cadres on the theme of education, fully affirming the economic and social development of Zhengan County Grades. 指出 ,正安县是我市唯一一个深度贫困县和未脱贫摘帽县,要按照守初心、担使命,找差距、抓落实 总要求,把主题教育作为脱贫攻坚的强大动力,以脱贫攻坚战果检验主题教育成效。 Huang Wei pointed out that Zheng'an County is the only deeply impoverished county in our city and the county without poverty alleviation. In accordance with the general requirements ofkeeping the original heart, mission, finding gaps, and implementing , the theme education should be used as a powerful impetus to overcome poverty. The effectiveness of the theme education is tested in the battle against poverty. We must persist in overcoming the overall situation of economic and social development with the fight against poverty, strive to be precise and strive to be precise, ensure that no one household is left on the well-off road, and no one is left.

The guitar industry is an important industry for achieving poverty alleviation and overall well-off in Zheng'an County, and it is also one of the city's unique industries. 先后来到麒龙吉他文化城和贝加尔乐器、神曲乐器制造有限公司,走进项目展示厅、生产制造车间、电商运营中心等地,全面考察项目规划建设、吉他生产出口、品牌塑造以及产业融合情况,对正安县坚持无中生有 理念,驰而不息地延长吉他产业链条,推进吉他产业与文化旅游深度融合,带动群众增加收入等做法给予肯定。 Huang Wei went to Qilong Guitar Culture City and Baikal Musical Instrument and Divine Music Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and went into the project exhibition hall, production workshop, e-commerce operation center and other places to comprehensively inspect the project planning and construction, guitar production and export, brand building, and The industry integration situation affirmed Zheng'an County's adherence to the concept of " nothing out of nothing " , the continuous extension of the guitar industry chain, the deep integration of the guitar industry and cultural tourism, and the drive to increase income for the masses. 强调,要发挥产业集聚效应,提升技术含量,优化产品结构,培育自主知名品牌,扩大市场份额,进一步做大规模、做强企业、做优产品。 Huang Wei emphasized that it is necessary to bring into play the industrial agglomeration effect, improve the technological content, optimize the product structure, cultivate independent well-known brands, expand market share, and further develop large-scale, stronger enterprises, and better products. We must accurately grasp the vane of the industry's development, seize the commanding heights of the market, train a group of master guitar craftsmen, work hard to promote corporate standards to become the industry standard, promote the guitar industry to a higher level, and make greater contributions to Zhengan's timely fight against poverty.

湄潭县调研时,在 兴隆镇龙凤村田家沟和湄江街道金花村七彩部落, 黄伟 详细了解湄潭县农村改革试验区特别是农村集体产权体制改革采取的做法和取得的成效。 During his investigation in Meitan County , Huang Wei learned more about the practices and results of the reform of the rural reform pilot zone in Meitan County, especially the rural collective property rights system , in Tianjiagou, Longfeng Village , Xinglong Town, and the Colorful Tribe in Jinhua Village, Meijiang Street . .十谢共产党 的好声音。 In recent years, in the process of comprehensively deepening reform, Meitan County has always insisted on focusing on the tea industry as an ecological industry, a characteristic advantage industry, a leading industry for poverty alleviation, and a rural revitalization industry. The county ’s tea industry has continued to increase in scale, quality, and efficiency. The infrastructure has been comprehensively improved, and the living environment has been improved as a whole. The village appearance has been renewed and a good voice of " Thank the Communist Party " has been issued .

认真听取有关情况汇报,深入考察四确五定 改革经验、茶园管护以及农旅一体扶贫开展情况,对湄潭县坚持生态优先,推动绿色发展,依托良好的生态环境和气候资源,主攻产业扶贫,带动群众增收致富等做法给予充分肯定。 Huang Wei carefully listened to the relevant situation report, and made in-depth inspections on the experience of the " four sure and five fixed " reforms, the management of tea gardens, and the integration of agriculture and tourism to help the poor. He insisted on giving priority to ecology in Metan County, promoting green development, and relying on a good ecological environment and climate resources. It is fully affirmed that it will focus on industries to help the poor and drive the masses to increase their income and become rich. In Guizhou Lanxin Tea Industry and Qifuyuan Tea Industry Company, he came to the production and storage workshops, product showrooms and other places to inquire about production technology, brand marketing and market development.

指出,要把茶叶质量和安全放在首要位置,进一步提升茶品质、做强茶品牌、弘扬茶文化,坚定不移推进农村产业革命,纵深推进乡村振兴战略,努力把生态优势转化为经济优势,让茶产业为脱贫攻坚作出更大贡献,让绿水青山变成金山银山,实现百姓富和生态美有机统一。 Huang Wei pointed out that we must put tea quality and safety first, further improve tea quality, strengthen tea brands, promote tea culture, unswervingly promote the rural industrial revolution, deepen the rural revitalization strategy, and strive to turn ecological advantages into economics. Advantages, let the tea industry make greater contributions to poverty alleviation, turn green water and green mountains into golden mountains and silver mountains, and realize the organic unification of rich people and ecological beauty.

Zunyi 市政府秘书长赵继锋, Deng Zhaotao, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of the Zhengan County Committee; Wei Zaiping, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and Meitan County Party Committee; and Zhao Jifeng, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, 、湄潭县 政府主要负责人参加调研。 The principals in charge of the relevant municipal departments and the governments of Zheng'an County and Meitan County participated in the survey.

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