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湘江大道应急供水管道全线贯通 主题分类 水利、水务 Title Xiangjiang Avenue Emergency Water Supply Pipeline runs through the whole line
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The emergency water supply pipeline of Xiangjiang Avenue runs through

24日,记者从遵义市供水有限责任公司获悉,湘江大道应急供水工程管道全线贯通,管道试运行、冲洗、消毒已完成,今日正式通水供水。 On September 24 , the reporter learned from Zunyi City Water Supply Co., Ltd. that the Xiangjiang Avenue emergency water supply project pipeline has been completely connected, and the pipeline trial operation, flushing and disinfection have been completed. The water supply was officially launched today. At that time, the water consumption problems of nearby residents and large enterprises along the Xiangjiang Avenue and the pharmaceutical industry park will be completely solved.

万吨。 The reporter learned that in the past, the regional water supply methods along the Xiangjiang Avenue and the pharmaceutical industry park were provided by a pipeline from the Nanjiao Water Plant and Qingshan Water Plant. In the early stages of development and construction, the water consumption was small. Therefore, the designed water supply capacity was 10,000 tons per day. With the development in recent years, the regional water consumption has increased, and the original water supply has not been able to meet the water needs of residents, units and enterprises in the region. The water supply facilities and equipment have been overloaded for a long time. Therefore, there are often insufficient water pressures and water outages. Wait.

8日,遵义市供水有限责任公司启动了湘江大道应急供水工程。 On August 8 this year, Zunyi Water Supply Co., Ltd. launched the emergency water supply project on Xiangjiang Avenue. 管道4400米, DN600管道860米,以及闸门、排污管、消防栓等其他管网设施,沿途跨越桥梁4座、穿越城市主干线3处。 The entire project is laid with 4,400 meters of DN800 pipes, 860 meters of DN600 pipes, and other pipe network facilities such as gates, sewage pipes, fire hydrants, etc., spanning 4 bridges and 3 urban trunk lines along the way. 多天的奋战,湘江大道应急供水管道现已全线贯通。 After more than 40 days of hard work, the emergency water supply pipeline on Xiangjiang Avenue has now been fully connected.

——5万吨。 The water supply pipeline will introduce water from the Zhongqiao Reservoir to achieve dual water sources, and the daily water supply capacity will reach 40,000-50,000 tons.

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