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今年“十件民生实事”工程有序推进 主题分类 重大项目建设 Title This year's "Ten People's Livelihoods" Project Promotes Orderly Construction of Major Projects by Theme
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Symbol 民生 Keywords people's livelihood
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This year's "Ten Livelihood Events" project progresses in an orderly manner

年十件民生实事,共包括15项具体任务。 Focusing on the hot and difficult issues of concern to the masses, early this year, the city identified ten practical issues for people's livelihood in 2019 , including a total of 15 specific tasks. Now that the first three quarters have passed, how is the progress of various livelihood projects? 亿元,目前已完成77.3亿元,完成年度目标的96.6% 。 Yesterday, a reporter from Zunyi Evening News learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission's Project Section that the ten livelihood projects have progressed smoothly. The annual planned investment is 8 billion yuan. Currently, 7.73 billion yuan has been completed, and 96.6% of the annual target has been completed.

个全面改薄项目,新改扩建镇村幼儿园100所,这是我市今年的第一件民生实事。 It is understood that 80 comprehensive thinning projects have been completed, and 100 new kindergartens in towns and villages have been newly rebuilt and expanded. This is the first livelihood of our city this year. 月底,全面改薄项目共完工77所,主体完工2所,主体施工1所,完成率96% ;新改扩建镇村幼儿园项目中,完工93所,主体完工5所,主体施工1所,基础施工1所,完成率93% 。 As of the end of September , a total of 77 thinning projects were completed, 2 main bodies were completed, 1 main body construction was completed, and the completion rate was 96% ; in the newly renovated and expanded township and village kindergarten project, 93 were completed, 5 main bodies were completed, and 1 main body construction was completed. 1 foundation construction with a completion rate of 93% .

所。 In terms of medical projects, our city will build a professional children's hospital this year. 以上,另外停车划线已经确定,车库地面固化开始施工。 The Zunyi Evening News reporter learned that the construction of the city's children's hospital has been basically completed. At present, the interior decoration and exterior wall decoration have entered the final stage. The construction of the ceiling, wall and roof is completed. The landscaping, subgrade and concrete cushion construction, lighting engineering and fire protection engineering All of them have been completed by more than 96% . In addition, parking lines have been determined, and the construction of the garage floor has begun.

As the saying goes, people have three urgency, and going to the toilet cannot be ignored. However, the toilet seems inconspicuous, but it is related to the improvement of people's quality of life. 万户、农村公厕590座、旅游公厕100座。 Among the ten livelihood events this year, one of them proposed that 12,000 new sanitary toilets for rural households, 590 rural public toilets, and 100 tourist public toilets were newly built and renovated. 万户,完成率达233% ,同时改造农村公厕501座。 So far, the city has cumulatively renovated 28,000 household sanitary toilets in rural areas, with a completion rate of 233% , while reforming 501 rural public toilets. 座旅游公厕中,已建成76座。 Of the 100 tourist public toilets, 76 have been completed. The construction of these tourist toilets, from the perspective of tourist convenience and hygiene, emphasizes humanization, and focuses on ecological protection and landscaping in parallel, highlighting the characteristics of the landscape.

个日间照料中心项目中,遵义市精神病院正在进行外墙装饰;务川精神病院除了门诊综合楼、住院病区已投入使用外,康复病区主体工程进入装修阶段。 In the reconstruction and expansion of Zunyi and Wuchuan Mental Hospitals and the completion of 40 day care centers, Zunyi Mental Hospital is undergoing exterior wall decoration; in addition to the outpatient complex and inpatient ward, the Wuchuan Mental Hospital has been put into use, and the rehabilitation ward The main project has entered the decoration phase. 个日间照料中心项目已完工,正在等待验收。 The city's 40 day care center projects have been completed and are awaiting acceptance.

市民服务热线,建成政务服务一张网云平台,实现政务服务一门进,并联审,限时办,一窗结 。 The last one of the ten livelihood facts is to set up a 12345 citizen service hotline, build a " one-net " cloud platform for government services, and realize " one door, parallel review, limited time, one window " for government service. 热线系统建设,各项设备安装到位,呼叫座席室装修完成,坐席人员已招聘10人,正在培训,其余涉及整合热线的话务人员正在联系办理划转。 At present, the construction of the "12345" hotline system has been completed, all equipment is installed, and the call room decoration is completed. Ten agents have been recruited and training is in progress. The rest of the operators involved in the integration hotline are contacting for transfer. 热线正式运行,同时利用贵州政务服务网平台,推进事项联办。 In the next step, the "12345" hotline will be formally operated, and the Guizhou Government Service Network platform will be used to promote the joint event.

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