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前三季度,我市完成公路水路交通投资180.78亿元 主题分类 工业、交通 In the first three quarters of the title , the city completed a total of 18.078 billion yuan in highway and waterway transportation .
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In the first three quarters, the city's investment in highway and waterway transportation reached 18.078 billion yuan

不忘初心、牢记使命主题教育为契机,全面推进以高速公路、国省干线、农村公路、水运航道建设为重点的重大项目建设。 Since the beginning of this year, the transportation department of our city has seized the opportunity of the decisive battle in the province's transportation construction, taking the theme of "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission " as an opportunity to comprehensively promote the construction of highways, national and provincial trunk lines, rural roads, and waterway Construction of key major projects. 月底,全市累计完成公路、水路交通运输固定资产投资180.78亿元,占年度投资计划的78.6% 。 As of the end of September , the city's cumulative investment in fixed assets for highway and water transportation reached 18.078 billion yuan, accounting for 78.6% of the annual investment plan.

Major transportation construction projects such as expressways are still important engines for investment in fixed assets for transportation in our city. 亿元,完成年度计划的76.7% 。 The highway under construction is advancing steadily. In the first three quarters, the city's highways have completed a total investment of 14.634 billion yuan, and 76.7% of the annual plan has been completed. 年底开工建设;预备项目道真至武隆高速公路工可已通过评估,力争2019年两省(市)同步开工建设。 The expressway to be built is actively promoted. Jinsha Jingrenhuai-Tongzi Expressway has passed the assessment and plans to start construction at the end of this year. The Tongzi-Xinpu Expressway has completed the workability review and is currently in the process of preliminary procedures. The end of 2019 is planned. Construction started; the preliminary project Daozhen to Wulong Expressway has passed the assessment, and strives to start construction in two provinces (cities) simultaneously in 2019 .

年建设计划的国省干线改造、客货运枢纽项目以及乡镇客运站、农村公路、水运等项目均按照计划要求全面推进, 19月累计完成投资37.06亿元,占年度计划的84.6% 。 The national and provincial trunk line transformation, passenger and freight hub projects and township passenger stations, rural roads, and water transport projects included in the 2019 construction plan have been fully advanced in accordance with the plan requirements. From January to September , a total of 3.706 billion yuan of investment was completed, accounting for 84.6% of the annual plan .

亿元的投资计划,市交通运输局创新工作举措,紧盯投资完成较差的项目,加强调度,确保完成年度投资目标;抓好项目融资,破解资金难题,千方百计缓解交通项目筹资压力;进一步加强国省道改造、县乡道改造、安保工程等建设项目的统筹调度,做好内部路网升级改造,助推脱贫攻坚。 In order to ensure the completion of the 23 billion yuan investment plan for transportation this year, the Municipal Transportation Bureau's innovative work measures focus on poorly completed projects, strengthen scheduling, and ensure the completion of annual investment goals; do a good job of project financing, crack funding difficulties, and do everything possible to ease transportation Pressure on project financing; further strengthen the overall scheduling of construction projects such as national and provincial road reconstruction, county and township road reconstruction, security engineering, etc., and do a good job of upgrading and reforming the internal road network to help overcome poverty.

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