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遵义市中心城区近期改扩建道路系统评估与提升批后公告 主题分类 建设规划 Title Zunyi City Center Urban Area Recent Reconstruction and Expansion Road System Evaluation and Improvement
市自然资源局 生成日期 2019-06-28 16:32:30 Issued by the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau 2019-06-28 16:32:30
00950022-000950575-0/2019-00002 是否有效 Is index number 00950022-000950575-0 / 2019-00002 valid?
遵府函【2019】135号 关键字 Letter Zunfu letter [2019] No. 135 keywords
长期公开 公开方式 主动公开 Public time limit

Post-Approval Announcement on Evaluation and Enhancement of Road System in Zunyi City Center

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