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遵义市人力资源和社会保障局2019年公开选调公务员(工作人员... 主题分类 人事工作 Title Zunyi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau publicly selects and dispatches civil servants in 2019 (staff ... theme category personnel work
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Zunyi Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's Public Selection and Announcement of Public Servants (Staff) in 2019

In order to further broaden the channels for selecting and employing personnel and strengthen the construction of human society, in accordance with the "Public Servants Law of the People's Republic of China", "Implementation Rules for the Public Selection of Public Servants in Guizhou Province (Trial)", and "Public Selection and Adjustment of Public Servants and Institutions in Zunyi City-level Government Institutions" According to relevant regulations such as Staff Measures (Trial), according to work needs and establishment, Zunyi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau decides that the public institutions under the bureau will publicly select 3 staff members with good political quality and strong business ability to the city's grassroots. . Related matters are announced as follows:

I. Selection plan and position

The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zunyi City has 3 staff members in the participating units. For detailed positions, please refer to the "Zunyi Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's 2019 Public Selection and Public Service Position List" (Annex 1).

(一)选调范围 2. Selection range and conditions (1) Selection range

The civil servants in the counties (cities, districts) under the jurisdiction of Zunyi City, and the agencies below the county are on the job, and the staff members participating in the management of public institutions are already on the job (have been registered).

(B) qualification requirements

具有良好的政治、业务素质,作风优良、品行端正,工作能力强,实绩突出; 1. Possessing good political and professional qualities, good work style, good character, strong working ability and outstanding performance;

大学本科以上文化程度; 2. University degree or above;

身体健康,年龄40周岁(1979年12月11日以后出生)及以下; 3. Good health, aged 40 years (born after December 11, 1979) and below;

须有3年及以上在县(市、区)及县以下单位工作的经历且进行公务员或参公登记(其中在乡<镇、街道>或村<社区>工作不少于1年); 4. Must have 3 years or more of work experience in a county (city, district) or a unit below the county and be registered as a civil servant or in the public service (including not less than 1 year in the township <town, street> or village <community>) ;

年度考核均为称职及以上等次(试用期除外); 5. The annual assessments are all qualified and above (except for the probation period);

具备《中华人民共和国公务员法》等规定的有关条件; 6. Possesses the relevant conditions stipulated in the Civil Servants Law of the People's Republic of China;

具备正常履行职责的身体条件; 7. Possess physical conditions for normal performance of duties;

未受到过党纪、政纪处分; 8. Have not been disciplined by the party or politics;

符合拟选调职位要求的其他资格条件; 9. Other qualifications that meet the requirements for the proposed transfer;

法律、法规规定的其他条件。 10. Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

(3) Those who have any of the following circumstances shall not apply for the examination

尚在试用期内的(含领导干部任职试用期); 1. Still in probation period (including the probation period for leading cadres);

市内各级机关(含参照公务员管理单位)定向招录培养人员未满定向协议最低服务年限的; 2. Municipal agencies at all levels (including reference to civil servant management units) targeted recruitment and training personnel who have not reached the minimum service life of the targeted agreement;

正在接受审计、纪律审查,或者涉嫌犯罪,司法程序尚未终结的; 3. Being under audit, disciplinary review, or suspected of crime, the judicial process has not ended;

曾受到党纪政纪处分的; 4. Have been disciplined by the party and government;

所在单位不同意参加公开选调的; 5. The unit does not agree to participate in the public selection;

. 法律、法规规定的其他不可选调的情形。 6. Other circumstances that cannot be adjusted according to laws and regulations.

Third, selection methods and procedures

The public selection and adjustment adopts a combination of examination and inspection, and is conducted in accordance with procedures such as announcement, registration, qualification review, examination, inspection, publicity, and transfer.

Fourth, registration, preliminary qualifications

2019 年12月11日至12月12日(上午8:30 12:00 ,下午14:30 17:30 )。 (I) Registration time: December 11, 2019 to December 12, 2019 (8:30 12:00 , 14:30 17:30 ).

(B) Registration Location

Adopt on-site registration.

报名地点: 遵义市汇川区广州路253号411办公室。 Job registration for the General Section of the Zunyi Employment Bureau : Office 411, 253 Guangzhou Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi City.

报名地点: 遵义市汇川区广州路253号702办公室) The arbitrator position of the Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Institute of Zunyi City is located at Office 702, No. 253 Guangzhou Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi City)

(3) The following materials must be provided when registering

. 《遵义市人力资源和社会保障局2019年公开选调公务员报名表》一式3份 (附件2),经具有干部管理权限的单位审查同意推荐报考后,在报名期间提交到选调单位(含电子版、纸质版需盖好公章)。 1. The "Zunyi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's Public Selection and Registration Form for Public Servants in 2019" in triplicate (Appendix 2), submitted to the selection and selection unit (including electronic Edition and paper edition need to have the official seal).

本人身份证原件及复印件; 2. Original and photocopy of my ID card;

学历学位证明原件及复印件; 3.Original and photocopy of academic degree certificate;

公务员身份证明材料或参公身份证明材料(如:公务员登记表、公务员录用审批表、 参照公务员法管理机关<单位>工作人员登记表等 ) 复印件; 4. A copy of the civil servant's identity certificate or proof of membership (such as: civil servant registration form, civil servant recruitment approval form, refer to the civil servant law management agency <unit> staff registration form, etc. ) copy;

近3年年度考核表复印件; 5. A copy of the annual assessment form for the last 3 years;

选调职位要求的其他资格条件证明材料原件及复印件; 6. Original and photocopies of other qualifications required for the selection and transfer of positions;

Candidates are responsible for the authenticity of the various materials provided by them. Those who falsify and cancel the selection qualification will not be returned.

(IV) Preliminary Qualification Examination

收到报考者提交的相关材料后,现场对报考者进行资格初审。 After the Zunyi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau publicly selected the leading group to receive the relevant materials submitted by the applicants, the candidates will be preliminarily qualified on the spot.

Qualification review runs through the entire selection process. Anyone who is found to be incompatible at any stage will be immediately disqualified. If you find that you have intentionally concealed important information from you or made a falsification, you will be disqualified from selection after verification.

V. written test and interview

(A) Written test. Take a closed-book exam with a perfect score of 100 points, which mainly tests the comprehensive qualities of the applicants' policy and theoretical level, ability to analyze and solve practical problems, and ability to express words. If there are less than 30 applicants for the selected position, no written test will be conducted and the interview will be held directly. The General Section of the Employment Bureau of Zunyi City will be tested for writing ability during the interview .

The written test time and place will be notified separately. Candidates are required to keep communication open.

Written test results do not carry over to the next link.

(2) Interview. According to the written test results from high to low, 5: 1 to determine the interview candidates (when the final score is the same, the interview session will be conducted together). The interview was organized and implemented by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zunyi City in accordance with the relevant regulations. The interview was conducted in a structured interview. The test mainly tests the ideological and political qualities, comprehensive analysis ability, language expression ability, and manners of the candidates, with a perfect score of 100 points.

请考生保持通讯畅通。 The interview time and place will be notified separately. Candidates are requested to keep communication open.


The inspection was organized and implemented by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zunyi City. According to the interview results from high to low and the number of publicly selected candidates, determine the survey target according to the ratio of 3: 1 (the final scores are the same as the survey). If the ratio of candidates in the interview is less than 3: 1, the interview score must be 80 or more. Enter the inspection link.

Examination results and rankings are not taken into the inspection link .

The inspection content mainly includes the candidates' political ideology, moral qualities, ability qualities, learning and work performance, work performance, compliance with laws and regulations, integrity and self-discipline, public recognition, adaptability to publicly selected positions, and whether they need to be avoided. , Focus on the political quality, work ability and work performance.

The inspections were conducted by individual interviews, consulting cadre files, and verifying identity verification materials. At the same time, their qualifications for examinations were reviewed, and comprehensive inspections were conducted to determine whether they were suitable for selection and conclusion.

Seven, identify candidates

遵义市人力资源和社会保障局 党组会议,听取考察情况汇报,按照人岗相适的原则和工作需求,择优确定拟选调人员。 The Zunyi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau party group meeting was held to listen to the report of the inspection situation, and according to the principle of suitable personnel and job requirements, select the best candidates for selection.

Eight, physical examination

Physical examinations will be conducted on the personnel to be selected and transferred. They will be conducted in general hospitals at or above the county level. 遵义市人力资源和社会保障局 党组会议研究确定是否递补体检人选。 If the medical examination is unsuccessful, the party committee meeting of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Zunyi City of the CPC will study and determine whether or not to submit candidates for medical examination. The medical examination standards refer to the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Service Employment", which is combined with clinical implementation. Physical examination time and place: Notice will be provided separately. Candidates are required to keep communication open.

The physical examination time and place will be notified separately.

Nine, publicity and transfer

The qualified personnel of the inspection and physical examination will be announced by the Party Group Meeting of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Zunyi City of the Communist Party of China. The publicity period will be 5 working days. At the expiration of the publicity period, if there are no problems to reflect or reflect that the problems will not affect the selection and transfer, the transfer procedures shall be handled in accordance with regulations.

All links in the selection are publicized on the official website of Zunyi Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

X. Disciplinary supervision

(1) Strict work discipline. The public selection work is conducted under the supervision of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission and the Ninth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team and the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department. Personnel participating in the public selection must not falsify. Once found, they will be disqualified for selection and given the appropriate party and government disciplinary sanctions according to the circumstances. . If the work is not serious and irresponsible, and the inspection is distorted, the public selection plan is cancelled. Any inspection staff suspected of disciplinary violations shall be transferred to the discipline inspection and supervision department for processing.

(2) Strengthen organizational leadership. A 2019 Leading Group for the Public Selection of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zunyi City was established. The Leading Group has an office in the Human Education Department, which is responsible for organizing and implementing the selection work.

The outstanding selection of this public selection is explained by the leading group of the public selection work of Zunyi Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

Monitor telephone:

Organization Department of Zunyi Municipal Committee: 0851-28651887

0851 -28981620 The telephone number of the ninth discipline inspection and supervision group of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection: 0851-28981620 .

support hotline:

Bureau of Education: 0851-8662607

City Employment Bureau: 0852-8662799

Municipal Arbitration Court: 0852-8662635

Attachment: 1. "Zunyi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's Public Selection of Public Officials in 2019"

《遵义市人力资源和社会保障局2019年公开选调公务员报名表》 2. "Zunyi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's Public Selection and Registration Form for Public Servants in 2019"

年12月4日 December 4, 2019

Attachment 1 Zunyi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's 2019 public servant position list
Attachment 2 Zunyi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Public Selection and Registration Form for Public Officials in 2019

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