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市人民政府关于颜建禾等同志任免职的通知 主题分类 人事工作 Title Municipal People's Government's Notice on Appointment and Removal of Comrade Yan Jianhe
市政府办公室 生成日期 2019-12-30 15:46:19 Issuing Agency City Government Office Generation Date 2019-12-30 15:46:19
00950022-000950022-0/2019-01873 是否有效 Is index number 00950022-000950022-0 / 2019-01873 valid?
遵府任〔2019〕43号 关键字 Document name Zunfu Ren [2019] No. 43 keyword
长期公开 公开方式 主动公开 Public time limit

Notice of the Municipal People's Government on the Appointment and Removal of Comrade Yan Jianhe

County, autonomous county, district (city) people's governments, Xinpu New District Management Committee, Zunyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Zunyi Software Park Management Committee, municipal government departments, and agencies directly under:

The Municipal People's Government decided:

Comrade Yan Jianhe no longer holds the post of Director of Zunyi Irrigation District Administration;

Comrade Zhang Yihong served as Deputy Director of the Guangzhou (Shenzhen) Office of the People's Government of Zunyi;

Comrade Fu Xiaobo served as Deputy Director of Zunyi Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau;

Comrade Li Dingxin served as Deputy Director of Zunyi Civil Affairs Bureau;

Comrade Li Bo served as Deputy Director of Zunyi Medical Security Bureau;

Comrade Zou Yi no longer holds the position of Chief Engineer of Zunyi Radio and Television Station;

Comrade Li Mei no longer serves as the director of the Zunyi Grand Theater Management Service Center;

Comrade Yang Yang was the chief engineer of Zunyi Jiaotong Investment (Group) Co., Ltd .;

Comrade Zhou Yugeng no longer serves as chairman of Zunyi Water Investment (Group) Co., Ltd .;

Comrade Liao Chaolin no longer holds the post of Deputy Director of the Chishui Scenic Spot Administration;

Comrade Liu Chao no longer holds the post of Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Guizhou Fenggang Economic Development Zone.

December 25, 2019

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