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I. The system accepts applications for citizens, legal persons and other organizations to obtain relevant government information, and does not accept consultations, complaints or other matters. Government departments and public enterprises and institutions should not inquire documents through this system, so as not to affect the public's application for work.

2. There is a certain process required for public application. It is recommended to search through the government documents, local regulations and other fields of this website.

3. Please describe the content of the application in detail, and select the accepting unit according to the work involved and the jurisdiction to reduce supplementary instructions and transfer links.

4. When submitting the application, please fill in the real name, unit, certificate number, contact information and other information, so that the receiving unit can reply within 20 working days

5. The processing unit provides only original information, and does not provide information for processing statistics and research analysis.

6. For detailed requirements of application acceptance work, please refer to the “Zunyi Municipal Government Information Disclosure Method by Application”

7. Application fee: Our city does not charge any fees for applying for open work

8. Flow chart of government information disclosure application.

1.Download the form

2. Fill in the application form

sign the application form

>> Precautions for filling in the application form

1. The application form should be filled in completely. We will not reply to information without contact information or incorrect contact information.

2. The content of the application form shall be true and valid, and the applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the application materials.

3. If the applicant belongs to the low-income group according to the relevant regulations of this city, if the fee is to be waived, it must be submitted in this form, and relevant certificates shall be provided at the same time.

4. In order to improve the processing efficiency, the description of the required information should be as detailed and clear as possible. If possible, provide the title of the information, the release time, the text number or other prompts that help clear the information.

3. Submit the form

Applicant Information citizen Name employer
the name of your ID ID card ID number
contact address Postal code
contact number E-mail
Legal person, other organization institution name Organization Code
Business license information legal representative
Contact name contact address
Postal code contact number
E-mail Corporate identity card
application time
Information required Description of required information
Required Information Name
Required document symbol
Use of required information (please upload relevant certificates for senior special needs)
How to get information
Collect by yourself, read on the spot, transcribe
Accepting units
Verification code
SMS alert
prompt Don't prompt
submit application

Public inquiry by application

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